Discover which exam you should take first, how you should take notes, and more as we answer some of the biggest CPA exam questions.
Here's why you should consider taking the CPA Exam and the steps to take your goal from a dream to reality.
Stay motivated and on target for your CPA exams with our Tips for Success installment series. Part 1 explains why time is your most valuable asset when studying for the exam.
See what other students had to say about CPA Review For Free and how it helped them secure a passing score.
See what other students had to say about CPA Review For Free and how it helped them secure a passing score, part 2.
You don't have to be Shakespeare to write well on the CPA exam. In fact, it is rarely graded by a human. Here's how to prepare for the BEC written communication.
What's the CPA exam passing score and how do you earn it? Part 2 of our Tips for Success series focuses on the strategy of earning a passing score.
Embrace every opportunity that crosses your path and study, study, study. Part 3 of our series covers why game plans are important and how they can work to help you pass.
Learn the optimal break time for your study sessions and commit to a goal in Part 4 in our series of CPA Study Tips.
Part 5 of our Tips for Success series covers instrinsic motivation and how to keep yourself on track for passing your CPA exams.
Are your CPA Exam studies taking over your life? Join us for Part 6 in our series on CPA study tips and see why excercise, goal-setting, and visualizing your study process can help keep you on track.
What is a good study goal? How can you keep procastination from winning? Join us for Part 7 of our CPA Study Tip series.
Is your mind starting to slip? Here's how focusing on one word a day can get you more out of your CPA exam study sesions.
Are our questions more difficult than the CPA exam? Perhaps, but its for a good reason. The harder the questions are that you work in practice, the easier the questions will seem on the CPA Exam.
You've worked hard. But didn't pass by a little or by a margin. Now what? This strategy can easily get you 5-6 points or more.
There are probably 50,000 to 75,000 people gearing up right now to take a section of the CPA Exam in the next few months. About half will pass that part while the other half will fail that part. Which half will you be in?
If you are preparing for the CPA Exam and you keep getting frustrated by your own laziness, stop fussing at yourself. It probably will not change anything. Think about what inspires you. What gets you excited? What gets you interested? How can you work that inspiration into your studies?
Can't beat the 74 curse? Here's our advice on refocusing your studies to pass on your next attempt.
How do people get to be so very good at something? How do they motivate themselves to continue? Here's some motivational reading to keep you going.
Passing the CPA Exam will require all of your strength, courage, and confidence. But, why do YOU want to pass?
I have a saying that I find helps me to avoid becoming discouraged: “every action in life can have two outcomes: (1) it can help you learn something new or (2) it can reinforce what you already know. And, both outcomes are positive.” If you can look at life that way, it can be a wonderfully positive experience.
One of the great parts of my job is that I get email messages from former students, often people who were in
How should you pace your CPA studies and questions? Here's what we recommend when preparing for your exams.
Are you a past person? Or, a future person? Or, a Carpe Diem person? Do you know? Or, are you just fooling yourself? Here's a good way to tell.
Quitting is easy. Giving yourself a reason not to try is easy. Walking away is easy. Don't let this happen to you. Get hyped for your studies.
How can you get organized enough to find sufficient time to study? We have two pieces of advice on how to organize your CPA study time efficiently.
It's normal to be a little nervous before a big exam, but here are some tips to help you combat being overly nervous.
Tricky question throwing you? For each question, make sure you first understand the problem.
It is not the amount of money you spend that is important. It is not the place where you went to college that is important. What matters most is your motivation to push hard and cross the finish line.
It's time to get headed in the right direction. If you have not yet passed the CPA Exam, take out a sheet of paper right now.
If it is important enough to do, if success on the CPA Exam truly means something to you, then it is important enough to do the preparation the right way. Okay, what is the right way to prepare for the CPA Exam? Here is some solid advice that WILL prepare you for success.
When you read questions in studying or for real on the exam, you need to focus carefully on what it actually says. Too often, it is human nature to read the first few words and then start to anticipate where the question is going. You need to avoid that trap.
When people ask me about passing the CPA Exam, I always give them the same advice. “Passing the CPA Exam takes time more than any other quality. The average person will need to study 60 to 100 hours per part. This requires discipline.
You have quite a journey ahead of you if you want to pass your CPA exams. Here are our tips on staying focused for the long haul.
The month of April starts the second testing window of this year. What is your goal for this testing window (which will conclude on the last day of May)? By that point in time, what do you want to have accomplished? Having a specific goal firmly in your mind is a big help in passing the CPA Exam.
Don't give up! The CPA Exam is tough, but you can stay focused and cross the finish line with our weekly tip.
We realize that a four-hour test is long but when it comes to your mental state, you are only as tired as you tell yourself you are. It is always a question of mental discipline. If you truly believe that you feel strong, you will continue to act strong.
According to this expert, the one characteristic that is a real predictor of success is “grit.” The more “grit” you have the more likely it is that you will eventually become successful at what you attempt.
Throw away the excuses and create a plan to sit for the cpa exam. Focus on avoiding setting up excuses for yourself. Just sit down and start answering those questions.
What are the roadblocks awaiting you on your path to success? How can you avoid these self-imposed barriers? Let's get started.
Do you feel like you are constantly juggling a million things in the air to study for your exams? How can you fix this? It begins with a plan.
In life, if you have desire and work, there is very little that you cannot accomplish. It might take a while but you can make good things happen. Including the CPA Exam.
Time for you to make some plans and make them optimistic, positive plans. Your CPA license is waiting.
How can the Amazing Race help you stay motivated for the CPA exam? Read our tip on inspiration and dedication.
CPAreviewforFREE, the only freemium website for Certified Public Accounting (CPA) exam review, and Fast Forward Academy, a professional education company, today announced their partnership to provide an advanced technology CPA review course.
No one ever asks about the structure of multiple-choice questions. From experiences in school, virtually every candidate has had plenty of knowledge of multiple-choice questions. But, the task-based simulations seem to cause a bit of consternation. Here's our advice.
How are you going to get ready to make passing grades in the last testing window of the CPA exam--October and November? Let me tell you about a trick that I learned back in the day and that I still use today.
Think for yourself – why is the goal of passing so important? List every possible reason. Then, every morning, read back over that list to remind yourself of why you really do want to pass the CPA exam.
If you are going to succeed in this life, if you are going to pass the CPA Exam, you have to plan your activities in advance and then you have to meet or exceed those planned words.
Is there a specific skill that makes people successful? We explore the concept in our latest CPA study tip.
Sometimes we fall into ruts without even knowing it. Things start to become inefficient because we have gone into autopilot. Don’t be passive and fail the CPA exam. Always look for improvements that will get the momentum running in your favor.
We all want CPA success to come easily. We want to take a secret pill so that, poof, we will become successful. It just doesn’t work like that. You can make success happen. But you need to remember that every person does well when things are going well. Keep your goals simple.
No matter what your goal, these four steps can easily change you from a loser into a winner.
We have come to live in a risk-averse time. People are so afraid of failure that they are afraid to take any chances. Yeah, failure is tough but you can never accomplish anything if you let fear push you around.
Here's how to pass your CPA exam without spending money (or spending very little money).
To be successful, do the work now instead of waiting until it is too late. Create a sense of urgency when beginning your CPA studies and make it to the end.
Join professor Joe Hoyle as he discusses how we motivated himself to a passing score on the CPA exam.
We all want to be winners. We all want to be the champion. We all want to pass the CPA Exam (although that can be an especially difficult goal). Here are four tips to help you do so.
Learn all about Stockholder's Equity with this free FAR exam content covering everything from common stock to quasi reorganization.
Rise to the top and conquer your exams by becoming a champion. Sounds easy, no? Here's how to get it done.
I am a big believer that anyone who puts in a sufficient amount of study time probably has enough knowledge in their head to pass. Thus, the key to success during the exam is making sure that this knowledge gets out of the head and onto the test. The five C’s can help that to happen.
Your mind isn't going to absorb your CPA material through osmosis. No one can study for you, you've got to do it yourself. Get motivated and get it done with this CPA study tip.
CPA studies not working out? Perhaps you are studying the wrong way. Here's how to turn it around and gain the momentum necessary to pass.
You have a lot to remember if you wish to do well on your exams. Here are our tried and true tips to remembering the massive amounts of information needed for exam day.
If you are known to procrastinate, get someone to help keep you in line. Let's call that person a sponsor. It could be a partner, friend, significant other, family member--whomever, but preferably someone who lives with you.
Success is not based on how much money you spend. Success is based on how efficiently you spend your moments on this planet. If things are not going as you would prefer, YOU MUST MAKE A CHANGE.
We don't want you to spend time studying material that won't be on the exam. Remember, your goal is to pass with a 75. No more, no less.
How do you move from good (and close to passing) to great (and have the entire exam done)? Here are a couple of suggestions.
If you are going to be great, you have to want to be great. If all you want is be good, then it is guaranteed that you will never be great. Here's a bit more motivational advice to help you get there.
Make studying for your CPA exam into a challenge that you are proud to tackle. Remember: nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your belief in yourself? Be honest. How much do you believe you can get into the upper 50 percent?

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