Are You a Carpe Diem Person?

I sat in church last week. The woman in front of me was about 30-35 years of age and had a small tattoo on the back of her neck that spelled out the words “Carpe Diem.” If you have not seen the movie The Dead Poet’s Society, the term Carpe Diem is Latin and roughly translates as “seize the day.” Don’t dwell in the past; don’t obsess on the future. Focus your energies on what you can get done right now.

It is amazing what a Carpe Diem type person can accomplish. Most people who really do great things are basically Carpe Diem people – that attitude allows them to get a lot of things accomplished. They do what is necessary. They don’t put things off that are important.

My guess is that a lot of people would say that “Carpe Diem” applies to them – so much so that they’ll even get the tattoo.

But is that true? Or, are most of these people just kidding themselves?

Are you a past person?

Or, a future person?

Or, a Carpe Diem person?

Do you know? Or, are you just fooling yourself?

Here’s a good way to tell. List out everything of interest that you accomplished in the past 24 hours. Or, maybe, just list the top 10 things you did during the last day. If you slept 8hours, that still leaves 16 hours to get stuff done. How much did you do? Write out the top 10.

If you are pleased with that list, you are probably a Carpe Diem person. You made good things happen today.

If you are not pleased with that list, you probably think a bit more about the past or future. That’s not bad – that’s just a trait. However, if accomplishment is your goal, it is helpful to be “now focused.”

And, you are not locked into one type of approach. The mere fact that you are asking the question about your accomplishments will make you more “Carpe Diem.” So, pick a time every day (after lunch, maybe, or before dinner or at bed time) and write down your top 10 accomplishments in the previous 24 hours. I really think this will help you to stay focused on what you can do today. And, if you stay focused on today, you will have made a major step toward becoming a Carpe Diem person. Seizing the day and making use of your time helps you get more things accomplished and moves your closer toward passing the CPA Exam.

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