Do You Have Strong Personal Goals?

I was recently on a 16-daytour of Portugal and Spain. We traveled constantly and walked 1-2 miles every day. On the trip was a 91-year-old woman. Much to my surprise, she matched our hikes step for step, day after day. She was amazing.

One evening at dinner, I asked her where she had been in the world. Here was our conversation.

She: Oh, I have been pretty much everywhere in the world.

Me: Okay, have you been to Tanzania?

She: Sure, I was there in about 1987.

Me: Have you been to India?

She: I’ve been to both the north and the south of India.

Me: Have you been to Japan?

She: Lived there for a while.

Me: Have you ever been to Antarctica?

She: Actually, I have been there fairly recently on a tour.

I was stunned by her ability to see the world. So, I asked her the question that I really wanted to know: How do you manage to do all of this?

“Oh, that is simple,” she replied without hesitation, “just go, go, go! Never stop, just keep going.”

I was so impressed by her determination to “go, go, go.” We live in a society that often seems obsessed with relaxing and having fun. Many people I know seem to have the motto: “rest, relax, drink, rest, relax, drink.” Everyone talks about having three day weekends and getting vacation time. My students don’t want Friday classes so they can party on Thursday night as well as Friday and Saturday.

Yes, I agree that we all need to rest and relax. I’m just not sure whether that should be the goal of life. When you get to be 91 years old, do you really want to say with pride “I managed to relax a lot throughout life.” If so, you won’t be half so interesting as the woman that I met on my tour.

Why are we so interested in leisure and watching television and the like? Personally, I think the reason is that we fail to set goals that truly interest us. If you have a goal that you really want to accomplish, you’ll find yourself irritated by relaxation. You’ll only be interested in getting back to work so you can achieve that goal.

That’s what you want for the CPA Exam. You want the goal of passing to be so important to you that you go to bed thinking about getting up and adding more points. Without a strong personal goal, who wants to push themselves forward? I’m a firm believer that our country and our world would be better off if we each had more strongly held goals. That is one of the great things about the CPA Exam – it is an accomplishment worthy of your effort. Go, Go, Go!!!!

So, I have an assignment for you. Write down all the reasons why you want to pass the CPA Exam. I don’t want you to even think about reasons against passing. I want you to be 100 percent positive. Why is passing the CPAExam important to you?

--My boss will be happy

--My mother and my spouse will be so proud of me.

--I will get a better job

--I will feel the excitement of overcoming a challenge

--I will show the world that I really am smart.

--It will be good for myself-confidence.

Think for yourself – why is the goal of passing so important? List every possible reason.

Then, every morning, read back over that list to remind yourself of why you really do want to pass. Make the goal real and important and you will find yourself much less inclined to rest and relax and much more interested in being able to Go, Go, Go!!!!


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