Get a CPA Exam Sponsor

When you look outside the window and think, what do you wonder? Is it the day you pass the CPA exam without skipping over all the hard work you will put into your studies? That’s day dreaming. Day dreaming won't get you that CPA, hard work will.  If you are known to procrastinate (with the best of us), get someone to help keep you in line. Let's call that person a sponsor. It could be a partner, friend, significant other, family member--whomever, but preferably someone who lives with you. Why? Because you will be home for most of your studying and that's where you will squander your time away with social media, online surfing/streaming, tv, video games or hobbies. Who knows best you are slacking off on your studying? Your sponsor. It will be up to them to help you stay on track. Don't abuse them by cutting down on your studies only to have them nag you to get back on track.

Work with your sponsor on how they can help you. Remember something has to give. There aren't enough hours in the day to continue your normal lifestyle while studying for the exam. You need between 60 and 100 hours of study per part. Sit down with your sponsor and figure out how you are going to achieve those hours of study. It's only fair that they have a say in the process and it emphasizes your seriousness to pass each part the first time. If you have set up 7-9 pm every Monday-Friday and 3 hours on Saturday and Sunday to study, make sure your sponsor can accommodate and knows the schedule. The sponsor can act as your gatekeeper so you can't be reached or interrupted. The kids, friends, co-workers, family will respect your time studying if you have a sponsor to back you up.  

Some things will slide in your pre-exam life.  So, when things are not getting completed, don’t point fingers. Just go with the flow. You are both together on this journey and don't need any additional stress.

It will be hard for the sponsor to help you, so respect their added burden of picking up your extra responsibilities while you are studying. Work as hard as you can the first time you sit for a section because you don't want to have to ask your sponsor to help you again for the same section.

When you pass that first section, you and your sponsor should celebrate! You both deserve it! But not for too long because you have three other parts to master with the help of your sponsor.

In a year when you look out the window, you can take a moment to day dream about the things you can do with the increased salary and/or bonus you received for passing the CPA exam!

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