Get Out of Your Rut

On the airplane ride, back from San Francisco, I was reading the magazine that is in the back of the seat pocket. It contained an interview with Malcolm Gladwell, a writer whom I really enjoy. He has a new book out titled David and Goliath talking about how underdogs can overcome the odds and manage to win. In this interview, Gladwell had one line that really caught my attention: “Don’t be passive and lose.”

I loved that. Too many people who get behind (for whatever reason), become discouraged and go down without a fight. They just give up. That’s nonsense. The only way to win if you are up against a difficult opponent (like the CPA Exam) is to put up a strong fight and then fight some more. If you don’t like how things are going at the moment, reassess your strategy and make changes and go back into the battle. Don’t be one of those people who just accepts “their fate” and lets failure wash up over them like the tide. Failure is almost never inevitable. Make changes:

--Change when you study.

--Change where you study.

--Change the number of hours that you study.

--Change the people you study with.

--Change the order in which you study.

Don’t be passive and fail the CPA exam. Always be looking for improvements that can be made that will get the momentum running in your favor. I watched a football game on Saturday that went back and forth. The announcers constantly talked about the momentum of the game and whom it favored at the moment. You want the momentum to swing in your favor. If that is not how it feels at the moment, Don’t Be Passive and Lose. Think about every aspect of your daily strategy and consider what can be changed and how that process can be improved.

Sometimes we fall into ruts without even knowing it. Things start to become inefficient because we have gone into automatic pilot. Don’t do that. Occasionally, stop and reassess how you feel things are going. If you are not happy with that direction, don’t be passive – start looking for ways to change the momentum.

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