How Do You Want to Feel in 12 Months?

Okay, I am writing this email near the beginning of January. Only a couple of days have passed since New Year’s Day. In another 12 months, this year will be over. At the end of 2014, you will look back at what you accomplished and you will have one of two attitudes. You already know this is going to be true. It will be either pride or disappointment. Make it PRIDE!!!

You will look back and think one of the following:

--“I could have accomplished so much more this year but I just let time slip through my fingers.”


--“I managed to get so much done this year. It was a magnificent year just full of interesting accomplishments.”

Who in the world would not prefer the second choice?

It is either going to be “I could have done it” or “I did it.” The choice is up to you. How do you want to feel in 12 months?

You will either:

--make good use of your time in 2014 and get lots done or

--you will let the time waste away without using it wisely to accomplish much of anything.

In truth, life is often a battle between procrastination and efficient time management. How you’re going to feel in a year depends on the winner of that fight.

Success is usually based on how well you do in fighting the battle. You can never afford to let procrastination win. Never. If you do, there will be nothing but disappointment at the other end. You must stay strong and use your time wisely if you are going to make good things happen in this life.

Virtually everyone starts each New Year with high hopes and anticipation. That is just human nature. We are all going to do more. We are all going to accomplish a lot. We all want to use our talents wisely to help make good things happen in 2014. We all have the desire. And, some make it happen but others don’t. So, what do we need in order to make those good things take place?

In “Don’t Just Dream About Success: Stack the Odds in Your Favor,” I talk about several keys for success.

• One is planning. What do you want to do and when are you going to do it? Any day where you start without a plan is likely to be a day where you wind up being disappointed. Don’t worry so much about long term plans. Do you know what you want to do tomorrow and when you are going to make it happen? If you don’t, then you are already setting yourself up for failure.

• Two is time management. We all have 168 hours each week. Subtract out time for eating and sleeping and you are still left with nearly 100 hours of available time each week. That is an awful lot of time. You can make great things happen with that much time. Or, you can waste a lot of it. Pay attention to how you use your time and you can make great things happen.

• Three is to focus on today. I know people who talk only about the past. It is like they are living in 2004. I know other people who talk nonstop about the future. They can’t wait for 2024. The only day you can make good things happen is today. Always ask yourself: What am I going to do in the next 60 minutes that will help to make me more successful.

• Four is confidence. You are capable of reaching your goals. You are capable of passing the CPA Exam. There is no question about that. Success does not require perfection. Perfection is rarely needed in life. If all of those people who pass the CPA Exam can do it, so can you. They are no smarter than you are. If they can do it, so can you. They are no better at accounting than you are. You don’t have to be perfect; you just have to pass. If they can do it so can you.

To repeat:

1. Plan

2. Manage your time

3. Focus on today

4. Believe in yourself

You can go a long way in life by just keeping those four steps firmly planted in your head.

No matter what your goal, those four steps can easily change you from a loser into a winner.

Success can be yours. Make it your goal to finish off the CPA Exam in a reasonable time in 2014 so that you can get on with your life.

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