How to Stay Focused

I wanted to give you a quick update. Back on February 27, I talked about how hard it was for me to exercise. Perhaps like you studying for the CPA Exam, I can exercise for a few days but then I will get distracted and fall behind and quit. In that lesson, I talked about the need to have enough discipline to keep doing the necessary work day after day even after it gets boring.

At that time, I mentioned that I had started working out on our cumbent cross trainer (a type of exercise machine that works both the legs and arms). What I had found very interesting was that this particular machine would count my steps. So, after every workout session, I would write down my number of steps and go home and record them in a computer file. There was something about keeping a count and watching the number get higher that really appealed to me. Every day that I exercised on that machine, I will see that number of steps move higher.

Back then, I was trying to go to the gym about 5 times each week. When I was writing that lesson, 33 days had passed and my grand total of steps was all the way up to 35,150. For me, that was a real accomplishment. I had not gotten bored and quit. I had found a routine that seemed to work for me.

So, how am I doing? Well, a total of 97 days have now passed and I am still shooting to work out 5 days per week and my grand total of steps is up to 116,900. I am on track to hit my goal of 1 million steps in 2 ½ years –that will be the summer of 2015.

I cannot explain it but keeping track of the steps just works for me and I’m thrilled by that.

I have never successfully exercised in my entire life but now, every day, I say to myself – you can actually do this; every step you take adds more steps to your total. You can move that total up. My legs are stronger. My heart is stronger. My arms are stronger.

And what is the secret? For me, there is something about keeping up with the number of steps and watching that total grow that gives me a reason to go back day after day. Okay, in some way, that sounds incredibly dumb. But, who cares? If it gets me off the couch and into the gym, that is what matters.

Could you use something similar to help you prepare for the CPAExam (minutes studied, perhaps, or questions answered or notes taken)? I don’t know - but if you are struggling to get into a good study habit, it is worth trying. Give it a shot – if it works for you, that is great. If not, think about other ways to motivate yourself to do the daily work you need to do in order to pass the CPA Exam. Set up a computer file and start watching your total climb.



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