I Want to Pass the Exam Because...

I was reading a book last week and the hero was talking with a young woman and he asked her who she would like to be if she could be anyone in the world. It’s a common question and people usually talk about athletes or singers or actors or politicians.

I really enjoyed the answer the woman gave in the book because I thought it was ever so true: “If I could be anyone, I would just as soon be me on my good days.” I think we all get tied up occasionally in wishing that we could be someone else. What we want seems to be outside of ourselves, outside of our own abilities; we have to be someone else to get what we want. However, on a really good day, would you truly want to be anyone else? Those days when you feel strong, courageous, and confident are just great. Those are the days when you know that you can conquer the world. What you want is not outside of you some place; it is inside of you – it is that strength, courage, and confidence that hides inside of each of us that we really want to draw out.

That’s one of the reasons that people try to pass the CPA Exam. They want that exhilaration that comes from passing an exam that people often fail. They know that passing the CPA Exam will require all of their strength, courage, and confidence. Every last ounce. Passing will help them understand just how strong, courageous, and confident they really are.

 It is always important to know why you are trying to pass the CPA Exam. I think that is a must. Some of the reasons don't count.

“I’m supposed to take that the exam” is not a good reason.

“My company made me take the exam” is an even worse reason.

“My friends were taking it so I just decided to do it also” is not much better.

Before you are willing to do the work (those 30 questions per day for 2 ½ months for all 2500+ questions or30 questions a day for about 3 weeks for one part of the exam), you have to know why you want to pass. And, one of the good reasons is that you want that satisfaction of doing something that is downright hard. You want to draw on your own strength, courage, and confidence. You want to feel good about yourself; you want to feel like you do on one of your good days.

Here’s a good exercise that I have long recommended. Every day before you exercise or have breakfast, write-down on a sheet of paper “I want to pass the CPA Exam because ….” and then list out your honest reasons. Why do YOU want to pass? The reasons can be different every day but you need to know what they are. Then, stick that note in your pocket and look at it occasionally during the day to remind yourself of how good passing that exam is going to feel.

That will help give you the energy to get up and get those 30 questions answered.

That will help you to be you on a good day.

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