Number of MCQs per Hour to Pass?

I always find the beginning of a new school year to be an exciting time. The freshmen are arriving on campus to begin their college careers. The cars drive past loaded with boxes and bags as the new freshmen peak through the windows at their future home. It is the start of something new, something that promises to open up a whole world of opportunities.

We are fortunate in life to have opportunities. At most times in the past, people were born with extremely limited chances to change their lives. If you were born a king, you were lucky. If you were not born a king, you were probably hungry, poor, and uneducated with little chance to make things better.

Today, the CPA Exam offers everyone in accounting a wonderful opportunity. Passing the CPA Exam is the gold standard – whether you are rich or poor, when you pass the CPA Exam everyone (around the world) will know that you have risen to the top level of the accounting profession.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many people write to me and talk about their lost opportunities.

---“I should have taken the CPA Exam when I first got out of college.”

---“I should have taken the CPA Exam before I got married.”

---“I didn’t think I would ever need the CPA Exam but now I desperately need it to find a job.”

We all make bad decisions. That is just part of daily life. But you do have the opportunity to turn things around. Okay, even with CPA Review for Free, you can’t pass the CPA Exam overnight. However, you can get started and you can get started today. You can move from the negative to the positive. It's not easy but if you put in the time and energy, you can get it done. This is your opportunity.

And, you can’t even blame the cost of a review course for slowing you down. Our 2,500 questions and answers are all openly available to you for free. We always tell people that they should plan on putting in 60 to 100 hours of preparation per part. Thus, with 240 to 400 hours of solid work, you can be ready to pass the entire exam.

If you can work 17.25 questions per hour, which I think is a reasonable pace – not slow but not too fast either, you can work every single question for all four parts three times in 400 hours. I think that would give you a great chance to make 75 on each part. And, you would not have to spend a single penny. That is 17.25 questions per hour. Put a clock on it and see how you do. You’ll have to focus but you can make it happen.

If you have the intestinal fortitude to do that work, you can stop having regrets about your past. You can start looking forward to a successful future.

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