Pledge to Sit for the CPA Exam

The January testing window will be opening in a few days. Are you ready? Each new window offers you the opportunity of getting some parts passed. I’ve always liked that word “opportunity” because it indicates a potential benefit but not a sure thing. You have the opportunity to move forward, you have the chance to make something great happen. But it is up to you. The opportunity is available but what you do with that opportunity is up to you.

For better or worse, it won’t be long until it is the end of August and this opportunity will have passed. Will you be thrilled by what you have accomplished in those few weeks? Or, will you be disappointed in yourself because you let the time slip away? Whether you pass or not, you need to make the most of the opportunity. I fully realize that there are so very many things in life that can steal your time from you –the Internet alone provides at least 1,000 ways to waste time without adding a single point to your CPA Exam score. Television is just as bad.

Make it your pledge as you start into this new window that you will not get to the end of August disappointed in yourself. You will not lose this opportunity.

Throw away these lines:

--“I could have done better.”

--“I don’t know how I could have lost so much study time.”

--“I don’t know why I find so many other things to do rather than study.”

--“I kept promising myself that I would get to work but I just never made it happen.”

In many ways, I think, success comes NOT from all that you get done but rather by avoiding the negatives. It is those negatives that drag us down. What is worse is that we allow that to happen. We make excuses for ourselves. “I’m just so disorganized.” “I’ve always been lazy.” “I don’t know why I’m not able to sit and study.” Excuses that give you permission to fail.

Those are just reasons you are giving yourself not to try very hard. Most people (not all but most, for sure) who “try very hard” do well on the CPA Exam. I don’t care what review course you are using or how much you paid for it. Most review programs where you “try very hard” have good results.

So, the key is: try very hard. No matter what anyone tells you, those three words are really the key: try very hard. Unfortunately, you cannot give yourself 1,000 excuses not to do the work and still take advantage of the opportunity. You cannot always put it off until tomorrow. You have to have the intestinal fortitude to sit down and do the work today (now).

I cannot make you any promises but if you will just “try very hard,” you have a wonderful chance for success. Okay, you might not make 99 or 100 but if you put in the effort, you have a great chance to pass. That’s the only real goal.

But, if you don’t “try very hard” your chances of success fall dramatically.

So, the only thing you should be focused on as you move into the July-August window is that you will “try very hard” so that when you get to the end of August, you will have no regrets.

Focus on avoiding setting up excuses for yourself. Just sit down and start answering those questions. 

Try very hard.

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