Take Out a Sheet of Paper NOW!

Greetings– It's time to get headed in the right direction. If you have not yet passed the CPA Exam, take out a sheet of paper right now. On that paper write down the day on which you want to have the exam passed. Be realistic – when is a legitimate point in the future for you to be done with the CPA Exam. Whether it is July 4, 201x or March 22, 201x or whenever, write it down. Next, open up a calendar and determine the number of days until you will get to that point in time keeping in mind that you need 60-100 hours of preparation per part. Under the date on your paper, write down the number of days that you have left.

Now, tape that piece of paper to your wall where you can see it every day. Make it obvious, something you cannot miss; the bathroom mirror, dashboard of your car, kitchen table. Then, as each day passes, mark out the number and pencil in one less day. Create a visual countdown.

I have always said that the real key to passing the CPA Exam(heck, the real key to success in almost everything you want to accomplish in life) is to create a sense of urgency. If there is no urgency, then there is no reason to get up and get the work done. Something else will get in the way. I have only met a very few people in this world who were able to do the intense work necessary to succeed without some feeling of urgency.

Seeing that paper every day and watching those numbers get smaller and smaller will remind you that you must get the work done and get it done immediately. Urgency makes “right now” important and that is what you need. That sense of urgency will motivate you to:

--do the work rather than waste time watching television,

--do the work rather than ramble around on the Internet,

--do the work rather than spend time reading about your friends on Facebook.

There is nothing wrong with television or the Internet or Facebook except that they keep you from accomplishing those things that are necessary to move your life and your career forward. They probably do you no harm but they don’t do you much good either.

Be ambitious.

Be aggressive.

Play to win.

What date do you want to have the CPA exam finished?

How many days do you have left to do the study that is needed to make that happen?


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