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The following testimonials are just some of the unsolicited comments we receive each time the grades are released. Hopefully, at least one of them will keep you motivated to succeed.

"I passed AUD too and finished all 4 parts of the CPA exam finally.
When I was exhausted with reading [other course] review books again and again inefficiently, I found this site last March after I passed the first 2 parts of the exam, BEC & REG.

Definitely, I could have saved more time and money if I come to know this site earlier. Questions are really good to understand each topic only tested on the exam. So, I was able to a lot of time to pass AUD & FAR, the last 2 parts I had to pass before my BEC credit expired last August.

Please don't spend a lot of money for other CPA review courses. 
I used only [other] Review book & this CPARFF materials.

AUD: 05/29/13 – 84 with CPARFF
FAR: 04/17/13 - 83 with CPARFF
REG: 02/28/13 - 81 without CPAREF
BEC: 02/29/12 - 77 without CPAREF

Thank again, CPARFF!


 From RR: I had used CPAreviewforfree - practice questions as a supplementary material particularly for REG and AUD. I noted the questions (both MCQs and Simulations) were really excellent for conceptual practice. Many of the concepts tested is similar to the actual examination, for the very reason that the CPA exam too is conceptual test driven. I would definitely recommend using CPAreviewforfree for additional practice, over and above the base material studied. For subjects, such as Federal Tax and Accounting which is practical oriented, CPAreviewforfree certainly enhances one's knowledge as well. 

From KO: “Greetings! I just found out I passed the last section of the CPA exam! That is all 4 parts on the first try. I have you to thank. Your free questions and TBS's were very helpful supplements to my preparation. In fact, if it were not for your REG questions I might not have passed that particular section. REG was the one I was most worried about. THANKYOU!”


“Great job on the new format. I also have to say Thank-you because I have been using your program and have passed three parts of the CPA exam. I am on the last part, BEC, so I think this could be it. Thanks so much-it’s been a great help financially as well since I lost my job and ‘free' falls within my current budget. Thanks!”


“I would like to thank you for these free questions and the detailed answers you are providing people like me out there. I am really grateful and I am making sure that I am referring your services to my friends and colleagues as one of my friends referred your courses to me about 2 years ago. I finally passed last week and wanted to use the opportunity to say thank you. FreeCPAreview has made everything clear and easy for me. God bless you all working to make CPA a dream come true for people like me.”


"Just wanted to THANK CPAreviewforFREE. You prepared me perfectly for REG, and now it is on to the next 3. Thank you!"


“I am writing just to tell you that you are the BEST! After buying a CPA review book, I was despairing that it wasn't working out and the only way I was going to get through the material was to enroll in an expensive Prep Course, of which I didn’t have the money. Just as I prayed and set out to look on the internet for something, your website popped up! I have been working on the FAR section of the exam prep ever since. I love the format - I can try hard to answer each question right, or I can just attempt an answer and learn from your teachings on each answer and practice that concept more. I'm competitive, so I like trying to beat the computer but your friendly, motivational approach is so easy to use and just what the doctor ordered. May the Lord richly bless your selfless help to fledgling CPA candidates like myself! Good work!!!”

 From Rona: Thank you! Y'all help me pass REG again with an 82. I lost credit for it in December. I used your paid notes and tons of the free multiple choice questions.

From KM: I finally did it on my own and without taking a class. I wanted to thank you for recommending CPA Review for Free because it really helped me target what areas were my weaknesses. It was nice to be able to do multiple choice questions online where the answer is presented to me instantly, instead of having to flip through pages and pages to find the right answer. I couldn't have done it without it.

From KW: I was one that you encouraged through this tedious process. Each week, I looked forward to receiving your e-mails because it seemed I was out of gas! I studied using many sources and tested with your questions to gauge myself. I am excited to tell you I no longer need the encouraging words or questions. I mean that in the best way. On 3/24/2011, I received my FAR grade (final section). I have passed all sections! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

From OP: Just a thank you note for all your help over the past year or more. I just got word last week that I passed the last section of my exam. I am so happy, especially at 58 years old. God Bless you for all your efforts in helping so many to achieve their dreams....

From RR: I'm Riza R. from Los Angeles, CA. I cried this morning when I saw that I passed AUD with 84. This is my last part of the CPA Exams. This has been a very long journey for me. I graduated from College more than 25 years ago in a foreign country so it was really difficult for me but when a friend introduced me to your website, I found a new hope. Your inspiring words kept me going. I used your free questions to better understand what I hardly understand from the review materials that I paid for in the big CPA review. Joe, you are my hero, you are a very nice person and I thank God for people like you.

Thank you,


It doesn't get much better than this!


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