Testimonials for CPAreviewforFREE - Part 2

The following testimonials are unsolicited and have not been altered in any way. The passion and excitement in the few listed (of many) below keep us going!

Proof that CPAreviewforFREE works!

Congrats to Kevin Bailey!

I started my CPA journey in 2008 by going back to school to accumulate 150 credit hours. Last week, that journey ended when I found out that I had passed my last exam. The ONLY material I used for review was CPA Review for Free. The program gives you ALL of the necessary tools to pass, and Joe's emails are incredibly motivating. You DO NOT NEED a $2000 program to pass this exam! Trust me! I am proof.

9/12Comment from a respondent to our annual survey:

Market stronger as the primary source students can use to pass the CPA exam. I get the feeling that most people feel that it is more of a supplemental resource to another review course. I found that the MC questions were extremely helpful. After failing several parts using Becker exclusively, I started using CPA Review for Free and I have passed every test since. Great work!

From Diana, 5/11: I am so happy the site became available before my test I could SHOUT! Thanks for doing this website, I know it is a huge task and all of us out here studying for this exam are so grateful! I am telling everyone about your site, you have done an outstanding job!

From Nicole, 5/11: I passed all 4 parts!!! Yes!!! The last three I used CPAreview for free.....once for each!!!! Audit....Reg and FARE!!!!YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

I did what you said........I did more than the average person.... when I thought I wanted to quit I said NO....I have to push and push...because the average person would quit!!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!




From Ophelia: Joe,

I took FAR last 02/29/2012 for the 2nd time and passed it with a score of 78. Thank you so much with your encouragement and your review course. I was so excited when I check my score last week, Wednesday, 3/14/2012. Right now, I am preparing for BEC, AUD and REG. These will be my third time to take them. My scores are not far from passing and I hope to pass the rest of them before the end of the year.



From Thelma 3/11: Dear Joe, for last 18 months I always read your emails, and I prayed that one day I could write to you and let you know that I passed all sections...

Here is that email.

It was a long journey and I almost lost my BEC credit. I took FAR twice and every time I missed it by 2-3 point. I had studied for that section probably 1000 of hours by the third and last time, but for the last time I only had a chance to study 20 hours. I knew it would be impossible to pass, but nothing is impossible with God. With being 8 months pregnant and working full time I needed all the help and support and encouragement, and your emails and online questions were defiantly among top resources I used. Thank you and you may know that you are making a difference in people's lives and it is very appreciated. THANK YOU, and may God bless you and your family.


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