Tips to Work Harder and Smarter

There are probably 50,000 to 75,000 people gearing up right now to take a section of the CPA Exam in the next few months.  About half will pass that part while the other half will fail that part.

Which half will you be in?

You may not be the smartest person taking the exam.

You may not be the best educated person taking the exam.

But there is absolutely no reason why you cannot be the person who works the hardest and the person who works the smartest.

That’s just a question of wanting it so badly that you are willing to do the necessary work.

Ask yourself a couple of questions:

--How many of those other candidates worked harder today than you did?

--How many of those other candidates made better use of their time today than you did?

--What could you have done over the past 24 hours to have been higher up on that list of people who worked the hardest and worked the smartest?

We often give ourselves reasons why we cannot be successful.    Humans are sometimes nothing more than a big bundle of excuses?    That is the wrong emphasis.   Every second that you talk about what is holding you back is a second that you have wasted.  

Think about that the next time you notice that you are whining.   Benjamin Franklin famously said “waste not, want not.” He was probably talking about money or maybe food.   However, he could have been talking about time – a commodity that we seem to waste with ease.

The only two questions that you should ever address are:

--How can I work harder?

--How can I work smarter?

Here are some tricks:  

Go to CPA Review for Free and pick a topic – pick any topic that you wish.   Work 15 questions without getting up.   Work as fast as you can to get used to a quick pace.   If you wish, set a time limit of 45 minutes.   That puts some urgency into your studies.   Promise yourself a prize (a soft drink, a bar of chocolate, whatever) if you get 11 of the 15 correct.  People simply work better if they have a tangible reason to do the work.   Set a goal and then reward yourself when you make it.

Go to CPA Review for Free and start working problems randomly.  You want to get used to working questions that you don’t expect to see pop up.    If you get a question right, move on.   Don’t sit around and pat yourself on the back.   However, if you miss the question, make a note of 10 words or less that should help you get the question correct the next time you see it.  They should always be a strong focus in your studies:   I need to be able to get this question right the next time I see it because the next time might actually be on the CPA Exam.

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