Words, Action or Both?

 I am reading a book (published in 1997) titled A Regular Guy by Mona Simpson who is the half-sister of Steve Jobs. The “hero” of the book is a creative and unique individual who starts an innovative company and gets very rich and appears (obviously) to be patterned after Mr. Jobs. I am not at all certain what the relationship was between Simpson and Jobs but, in this book, the “hero” does a lot of interesting things– many of which seem just plain eccentric but some seem truly like a genius.

About halfway through the book, the daughter of the “hero” looks at him and makes a really tough assessment: “but what he said was better than he was.” I stopped and read that line several times and wondered how often it applied to me. We all talk about what we are going to do, how much we are going to accomplish in life. We tell people all about our hopes and aspirations. But is that just talk or is it something that seriously guides our lives and pushes us forward?

Suppose someone went along behind us each day and wrote day everything we had to say. Which would be better: the words on that page or the actions we take? We talk about accomplishments but are they just mere words or are we capable of matching our words by our works?

Take a few minutes at the end of each day and write down three or four things that you managed to accomplish. It is never a bad idea to reflect on the work that you do. Then, ask yourself – would these actions matchup with what I would have said in advance? If you are going to succeed in this life, if you are going to pass the CPA Exam, you have to plan your activities in advance and then you have to meet or exceed those planned words.

Success is never impossible but it becomes nearly so if you lack plans and if you fail to act. Those are two essentials ingredients: plans and action. Start trying to assess whether your plans and actions outweigh all of the words you throw out so that you are, indeed, better than what you say.

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