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Questions 6,500
Digital Texbook PDF viewer with highlighting, lecture player
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Price $3487
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Customer Reviews

Explains the questions after you check the answers.
Dislikes Not enough questions
Daniela 01/29/2019
very helpful notes. online is not forever so i was not able to pass and lost all the reviews as well.
Dislikes it should give more time then 18 months. it is a long process. and they will only allow you to use the system again if you answer every single question. which as a working professional is almost impossible to do
Arielle 01/21/2019
they help you understand why you got something wrong and how to grasp the concept needed to get it right next time.
Dislikes they aren't that detailed, and some of the questions cover what the lecture sped by.
Kevin 01/12/2019
Comprehensive material that is not too complex
Dislikes Simulations are not like the exam
Jason 01/9/2019
Good Range of Questions and amount of questions
Dislikes no simulations
Stewart 01/9/2019
The lectures were entertaining enough, and the study materials closely mimicked the layout of the CPA exam, so the exam experience was not as foreign as I thought it would be.
Dislikes 18 months to study all 4 sections was too short of a time frame for me. My time will run out soon, and the course is too expensive to renew.
Angel 01/3/2019
Wealth of information
Dislikes Time consuming
Jorge 01/3/2019
Good explanations of concepts
Dislikes Repetitive questions
I like the study questions
Dislikes Nothing yet
Danielle 12/20/2018
Course outlines/ pre annotated text
Dislikes lengthy chapter discussions by instructors
Tempest 12/17/2018
Simulations and multiple choice
Dislikes lectures
Nick 12/13/2018
The variety of questions and its similarity to the actual exam.
Dislikes The duration of the review material is too short for the price.
Cindy 12/12/2018
Pass tips and materials are comprehensive
Dislikes cost is insane
multiple choice questions
Dislikes long lectures
Sarah 12/9/2018
Multiple choice, simulations, and mock exams.
Dislikes nothing
Rebecca 11/30/2018
The Mock Exams are very helpful to show your weak areas.
Dislikes No downloadable audio.
Jon 11/30/2018
It is a good review with many examples.
Dislikes Not as many questions as I'd like.
Very comprehensive and solid instructors
Dislikes Some topics are ignored
Ella Chen 11/29/2018
The questions can be examed in the examinations.
Dislikes There are no teachers to help the students.
Justin 11/29/2018
Very thorough. Easy to use interface.
Dislikes Lectures are sometimes longer than they need to be.
Zachary 11/28/2018
User friendly interface
Dislikes Limited explanations for review questions
Paul 11/26/2018
Lots of practice questions.
Dislikes Nothing yet.
Mike 11/25/2018
Boring, but alot of material
Dislikes Boring but alot of important information
The lectures help explain things so theyre a little easier to understand
Dislikes After I finish the lectures and multiple choice questions im not really sure how to properly review everything
Lecture videos, questions, mock exams
Dislikes Price! Only 18 months.
Sarah 11/18/2018
I like the questions and easy go with the flow material
Dislikes Self study, no motivation
Paul 11/18/2018
Doesn't give too much detail
Dislikes Not enough MC questions
Taylor 11/15/2018
I like the multiple choice questions
Dislikes dislike the fact that there were so few multiple choice questions
Lara 11/10/2018
A lot of multiple choice
Dislikes The multiple choice questions repeat a lot so its easy to memorize
Jessica 10/30/2018
I only have the used book
Dislikes Not providing enough contrxt
Brandon 10/29/2018
I did feel like I was learning a lot
Dislikes My performance on the exam, especially on MC, could have been stronger
Tirumala 10/25/2018
Practicing the more difficult questions
Dislikes nothing
Gabby 10/25/2018
Lectures are helpful, MCQs have great explanations.
Dislikes Expensive, takes up a lot of time.
Heather 10/25/2018
Lectures are easy to understand
Dislikes Minimal questions
Jennifer 10/22/2018
Very thorough lectures
Dislikes Sometimes skills practice is very confusing
Andy 10/22/2018
Many review questions and practice exams
Dislikes I felt the material did not go far enough into certain topics.
just started not sure yet
Dislikes not sure just started
chloe 10/18/2018
information is useful
Dislikes obviously not working/ expensive/
Ryan 10/17/2018
Condensed information. Accounting is important, so everything in the book must be important. It seems interesting to me that way.
Dislikes Overload of information.
Marlene 10/9/2018
Just starting, so I cant make any comment as yet
Dislikes detailed
Rachel 06/30/2018
Same as actual exam’s MCQs
Dislikes Simulations were not as difficult as actual exam
CHRISTINA 06/30/2018
I was never surprised on the testing material as Becker courses cover what you need to know.
Dislikes Limited use on the material. It would be better if the course was available until you passed, not only 18 months. With the delay in getting scores, it is harder to pass all sections within 18 months if you continuously fail a part of the exam.
Matthew 06/28/2018
A lot of informative questions and the structure that it gave my study schedule
Dislikes Some if not most of the lectures proved to be of little help.
Andrew 06/25/2018
The lectures keep me motivated to keep going and get them done. The instructors explained every topic well. The practice questions are great for reinforcing the concepts.
Dislikes I wish there were more multiple choice and TBSs so I can go through a ton of practice problems, not ones that I've already went through.
Bora 06/22/2018
Solid material and different ways to study
Dislikes Lectures are too long
Susanna 06/5/2018
The setup is like taking the Test, so that helps.
Dislikes The information seems to be lacking. Also, information that was deemed important only showed up for like 2 questions.
Katherine 06/3/2018
ability to study at own pace
Dislikes price
Cindy 06/1/2018
They have simulation.
Dislikes Sometimes the program crash
Frank 05/31/2018
Useful for identifying specific topics needing additional review.
Dislikes Didn't like the limited life of membership, considering how expensive membership is.
Fatma 05/15/2018
it has plenty of study material nd questions
Dislikes None
Joe 05/11/2018
Becker was great at presenting the material
Dislikes There were not enough tbs stuff in the review
Kav 05/10/2018
it's understandable and easy to follow (most of the time).
Dislikes Some topics are not covered well enough by the lecturers
Elizabeth 05/4/2018
I feel like it properly prepares me for the exam
Dislikes It does not cover all of the material i see on the exam
Ahmed 05/1/2018
It walks you thorough in an easy and illustrative way
Dislikes They speak fast
Aian 04/30/2018
Amount of MCQs available for practice and great lecture instructors.
Dislikes Few amount of simulations to practice.
sam 04/26/2018
alot of mc and sim questions
Dislikes too expensive
Lisa 04/22/2018
They do a good job giving you formulas to focus on, I guess.
Dislikes I am seeing questions for the first time that I've never come across using Becker, specifically with the IT section of BEC. That makes me nervous for my test and makes me question trusting Becker to pass this section.
Lacy 04/22/2018
It gave material to focus on while studying.
Dislikes It went way too fast.
Arvion 04/21/2018
Everything about it was good. It really challenged my knowledge. I enjoyed the task based simulations as well.
Dislikes There was nothing that I did not enjoy.
Lawrence 04/13/2018
I enjoy the lectures and like the fact that their are a ton of questions.
Dislikes The course material is difficult to read. It presented in a readable outline but hard to consistently read through it like a book.
Kelsey 04/13/2018
The practice tests were helpful
Dislikes Some questions where not explained in the lecture
Victoria 04/7/2018
the lectures, and the wide multiple choice questions
Dislikes so much info
mai 03/30/2018
the material is clear and easy to understand and the lecture is short.
Dislikes the progress test does not correct the answer immediately and it is very expensive
Jenn 03/12/2018
Having books combined with online access
Dislikes Expensive pricing
Nicholas Howarth 03/3/2018
Videos are easy to use, great example questions
Dislikes some of the questions used when reviewing the notes are reused
Ellen 02/26/2018
Easy to use and navigate
Dislikes same questions
Tina 02/19/2018
The questions it provided
Dislikes Boring lectures, they something get side track.
Grant 02/18/2018
Lots of practice problems but they always seem way different than what was presented in the lecture. You can watch the lecture and then go to the questions and feel unsure about all of them.
Dislikes the multiple choice don't provide the most detailed explanations
Kirthika 02/8/2018
It has got great lectures and annotations in the book.
Dislikes Require more questions and simulations
kaja 02/4/2018
It is nice to get a feel for what the exam will look like. The practice simulations are helpful. Lectures are good.
Dislikes It would be nice to be able to create practice quizzes with flagged questions only so as to work on areas of need rather than random selection.
Christopher 02/1/2018
It was very segmented.
Dislikes It did not have new questions so I began to memorize answers.
Irina 02/1/2018
Amount of information provided and good instructors
Dislikes sometimes explanations to the answers are not very clear
Kristen 01/31/2018
I liked the lectures and review questions
Dislikes I felt the questions about information systems were not specific enough
Kaitlyn 01/29/2018
Lots of questions. Simulations are very similar to actual exam.
Dislikes Lectures are too long and overwhelming.
Nate 01/25/2018
Becker had good examples and methods in order to remember key information.
Dislikes Many times they brushed over the details needed to answer questions and the book can be very confusing at times.
Tori 01/24/2018
The content of information provided is large, and amount of multiple choice problems/skills practice provided is helpful.
Dislikes EXPENSIVE. Too short of a software expiration date considering the price of the resources. It is hard to stay attuned when the lectures are essentially read straight from the textbook while simultaneously keeping up with the instructor notes. I would prefer more of a classroom style lecture or to be provided with a more detailed unit outline to follow along. The software is constantly kicking me out not having saved fully completed sections which can be very frustrating.
Adam 01/24/2018
I like the ability to rapid fire the questions, and hone in on specific topics.
Dislikes Nothing yet.
John 01/18/2018
Ill see how I feel once i take the test.
Dislikes Questions are much harder than the book
Kari 01/16/2018
I liked the convenience of being able to study when my schedule suited. The textbooks are generally informative, however the information does not always flow.
Dislikes The lectures.
Vanni 01/16/2018
It focuses on the main points.
Dislikes The lectures were not helpful as most of the lecturers would just read straight from the book.
Willa 01/14/2018
Very detailed lectures.
Dislikes Sometimes they give too much details. The MC in Becker are way harder than the actual CPA exam. However, the Simulations in Becker are a lot easier than the actual exam.
Celina 01/14/2018
Can email for explanations
Dislikes Need more easier ways to remember things
Usman 01/12/2018
It's very comprehensive in explanation.
Dislikes Too much details on every item which makes it impossible to cover important bullet points needed to gain the needed knowledge.
Abismael 01/9/2018
Flash cards, video classes
Dislikes The time they give to attend the live class.
Kevin 01/8/2018
Detailed about "what you need to know"
Dislikes Not enough sample TBS's.
Chacha 01/6/2018
They explain the materials very well, and the multiple choice questions are very similar to the ones on the actual exam.
Dislikes I think they need to improve their simulations
Kayleigh 01/3/2018
Gets the job done. Comparatively, after the fact, I honestly would have chosen another provider. I think the content of the study materials are ridiculously over priced. For instance, Roger is cheaper, a more vivacious presentation, and the structure of the content for his videos are more reviewing from the big picture whereas Becker lecturers are literally just reading the book to you.
Dislikes Neglect to link individual statistics from before and after exam formatting change. You would have to toggle between the versions to view all progress. There should be a way to integrate it all together, so that you have a visual of your accomplishment. Versus passing two exams in the old format, start studying for #3 (in new format) and your portal looks like you're just getting started... A rather discouraging appearance each time you log in.
Brandon 12/16/2017
How detailed the materials were.
Dislikes Lectures are too much like powerpoint slides.
Sara 12/7/2017
lot of multiple choice available
Dislikes some of the multiple choice are too long and involved
Paul 12/5/2017
The videos were very helpful and the practice content was good.
Dislikes The price is high and I lost access after 18 months, but I still needed more time to study.
Demario 12/5/2017
Informative and summarizes the content material.
Dislikes Should include more practice questions in the content material.
Collins 12/3/2017
Relevance of topics and clear examples of how to solve questions
Dislikes Restricted timing on using the materials at 18 months
Sheila 12/2/2017
Good overall review. Comprehensive.
Dislikes Too expensive and not enough flexibility with varying types of material. More audio course material would be nice.
Heath 12/1/2017
easy to use, lectures are good
Dislikes The practice sessions are way too long.
jhadee 12/1/2017
I really liked how it works at your own speed, no due dates
Dislikes I did not like the lectures. I felt as though nothing was explained throughly in them
Andrew 11/29/2017
I appreciated how they incorporated a video into their explanation of MC questions.
Dislikes expensive
James 11/21/2017
Easy to understand, Great instructors
Dislikes Expensive, no pass guarantee,
Brandon 11/18/2017
I like how the software Becker provides, and how the Simulation software look really similar to the real Prometric exam.
Dislikes The simulations are nothing like the real CPA exam. Becker's CPA exam's are too easy and simple. Not enough documents to look at, compared to the real exam. I also wish Becker added adaptive learning phase to their MCQs.
Kiran 11/18/2017
Generally pretty detailed lectures
Dislikes Some concepts could have been communicated more effectively. The skills practice do not help prepare you for MCQs or Task based sims..They are a waste of time.
Nourin 11/17/2017
It feels very comprehensive
Dislikes Sometimes I feel it didn't explain things too much
Paula 11/13/2017
The simplified explanations for the study material made it easy to understand the concepts. The mnemonics and tricks to remember things has made it helpful for some of the core concepts.
Dislikes Its very easy to start memorizing the answers to the problems if you study it enough then you don't learn as much.
Michael 11/11/2017
Very thorough, only included material that was important, plenty of materials to study using a variety of strategies and enabled me to achieve very strong scores.
Dislikes There could be more multiple choice, if you study long enough you get a lot of repeats, which is why I'm here.
Kirsten 11/8/2017
The set up of the course with the lectures, multiple choice and simulations. It is easy to use and definitely prepares you for the exams as long as you go through all the material and multiple choice. The Becker website and staff are very helpful if you have any questions about the material.
Dislikes I did not like how some of the multiple choice questions were not linked to anything in the book. I also don't like how it expires in 18 months. For the price you pay you should have access to the material for a lot longer than that. It also doesnt cover a lot of IT information for the BEC exam and you need to use another review course to supplement that section.
Esther 11/7/2017
good but you need to self study more.
Dislikes lectures are not so clear and detail you need to review the books in detail too.
Corey 11/6/2017
The lectures were very helpful.
Dislikes Very costly.
Brigid 11/4/2017
Access to simulations and a textbook and videos and questions
Dislikes The lectures are too hard to pay attention to and shouldn't be done over an entire chapter there should only be videos on specific items that give further explanation on difficult topics. There's no need to go through everything it makes it easy to miss things that are important because you cannot concentrate on it for the entire time. The pre annotated book is enough to study with on your own.
Hunter 11/2/2017
I did like the use of mock exams and the simulations.
Dislikes I became bored with the lectures
Tim 11/2/2017
Lecture videos and page by page notes
Dislikes Some of the questions are extremely vague and the explanations are of no help
John 10/29/2017
Has task based simulations and multiple choice questions. Covers the material very thoroughly.
Dislikes The classification and organization of material did not tie together and emphasize the big picture items in an ideal way.
joe 10/28/2017
Becker course contains very good multiple choice questions
Dislikes Need more explanation and advice for completing open ended questions.
Merita 10/28/2017
I use to like the old software. The new one that I downloaded on my phone and iPad don’t keep track of my results
Dislikes Material is very high level.
George 10/26/2017
Many multiple choice questions
Dislikes Not adaptive
Maria 10/25/2017
There is a lot of material.
Dislikes The simulations don’t prepare you enough.
Alex 10/25/2017
reputation, ease of use, clear assignments, multiple ways to study
Dislikes lectures are not always helpful
olga 10/24/2017
Lectures, flashcards,
Dislikes Not sure if it covers all information needed. We'll see how the exam goes tomorrow
Lucas 10/24/2017
Lecture is easy to understand
Dislikes does not cover little details.
Katherine 10/20/2017
Lots of questions, and great lectures
Dislikes expensive
Meira 10/16/2017
Their textbooks are simple and straight-forward.
Dislikes Becker's simulations are completely different than the exam.
Lisa 10/15/2017
Video lectures, example problems
Dislikes Questions way harder than on exam.
Andy 10/12/2017
The materials were helpful.
Dislikes The fact that the course expires after 18 months is one thing, but the Becker Promise is not free, which is $195 a part!!!! so ridiculous. Thats why im using these MCQs actually.
Amber 10/9/2017
I like the online lectures because they present the information in an illustrative way which makes it easier to learn and retain the information.
Dislikes I do not like that after taking a progress test you are unable to navigate back and see what questions were answered incorrectly.
Blake 10/8/2017
Becker has a great structure and facilitates a fast pace to understand what will be needed to know for the exams.
Dislikes Nothing
Umer 10/8/2017
It works but, I am not able to score good in the exam but rather able to score good in the becker software and exams
Dislikes The questions are repetitive
Mariam 10/8/2017
Easy to understand and follow
Dislikes Becker doesn't offer sufficient practice problems with exam review material
Maya 10/6/2017
The variety of questions
Dislikes The lectures are really boring
Rebecca 10/2/2017
Good lectures and textbook
Dislikes Not enough IT information in the textbooks or practice questions
Jessica 09/28/2017
The lectures and navigation were user friendly.
Dislikes There are instances where too much material is covered thus one puts emphasis on areas that are not heavily tested in the exam.
Michael 09/24/2017
Simple, straight forward, good explanations
Dislikes None
Lee 09/19/2017
Very organized and good simulations/mc questions.
Dislikes Hasn't always been the best at determining what is going to be on exam.
Kayce 09/12/2017
Instructors try to keep the candidate entertained
Dislikes Sometimes answers to questions were a little too brief.
Brandon 09/8/2017
i really like the video lectures and the feedback on particular sections to refocus on
Dislikes i do like the becker course
Olivia 09/7/2017
Very thorough. Covered many concepts in depth and sets the material up in a way that enables you to grasp it without feeling overwhelmed.
Dislikes I did the live lecture sessions and terribly disliked them. They were incredibly time consuming and being in a room with 20 other students made it very distracting.
Steve 09/6/2017
The course was structured to allow the test taker to slowly build upon their knowledge.
Dislikes The taped lectures were monotonous and often involved highlighting a majority of the material as "relevant information". This sometimes made it difficult to focus on what the necessary points were.
asad 09/5/2017
thorough material review
Dislikes lack of mcq's
Amanda 09/4/2017
mock exams, ease of software use, peter olinto
Dislikes audit section materials
Demario 08/30/2017
Becker courses are not as detailed as the Wiley review courses, but focuses on areas that are heavily tested on the exams. This should be essential for persons taking these exams.
Dislikes Could be a little bit more detailed.
Nicole 08/29/2017
the provided materials
Dislikes the cost
Amanda 08/25/2017
The question explanations are thorough.
Dislikes Some of the examples were difficult to follow.
Carrie 08/25/2017
The lectures and multiple choice
Dislikes Lack of some of the necessary info.
Sydnie 08/24/2017
very thorough and detailed. pete olinto is very engaging.
Dislikes instructors were sometimes very boring and did not keep you engaged in the material. one instruction did not provide enough detail and was hard to follow.
Annie 08/23/2017
seemed to be pretty comprehensive and similar to exam format
Dislikes some sections were far too long and dense, left out some relevant subject matter
Marimar 08/23/2017
Maliah 08/22/2017
It provides a lot of information.
Dislikes It can be too much information.
Anthony 08/21/2017
It is very indepth and covers a lot of material. They really try to make the information learnable and present it in a way to see the entire flow of how an audit works.
Dislikes I do not like that when you review a multiple choice questions that the first answer you select it automatically marks it wrong. Sometimes it is easy to click the wrong answer while trying to get to the correct one. I think the company should try and solve this problem and make it more like the real exam where you can choose your answer and then it marks it right or wrong after you move to the next one.
Lauren 08/13/2017
Lots of practice with the environment the exams are similar to. Many questions, sims, materials
Dislikes Quite a few errors in book/lectures.
Hwasup 08/13/2017
It schedules your study schedule. I never used any other materials.
Dislikes It's hard to tell if the questions do really reflect the real exam.
Hwasup 08/13/2017
It schedules your study schedule. I never used any other materials.
Dislikes It's hard to tell if the questions do really reflect the real exam.
Anna 08/11/2017
The explanations were very descripted
Dislikes I would like to have random MC questions that cover the entirety of each section.
Keith 08/11/2017
questions give detail reasoning for why each answers is either right or wrong
Dislikes For BEC I did not feel prepared regarding, IT
Nisha 08/8/2017
mnemonic. and study material
Dislikes Time limit and expiration date. Not enough questions to practice.
Mignon 08/4/2017
Tons of good questions.
Dislikes All the tangents in their lectures that talk about random personal things that have nothing to do with the lecture material.
Alexa 08/2/2017
Covered all topics I encountered on the CPA exam
Dislikes The simulations presented in mock exams were exceptionally easier than what I faced on the real exam
Emily 08/2/2017
I like Becker with the in depth explanation of topics.
Dislikes I need more practice problems
Jillian 08/1/2017
Good lectures and a lot of MCQ to practice
Dislikes Their mock exams are not representative of the actual exam. Especially the simulations.
Raven 07/31/2017
How descriptive it is
Dislikes I haven't found anything that I do not like
Jermaine 07/29/2017
The multiple choice questions
Dislikes The lectures, and the cost.
Jessica 07/27/2017
Very comprehensive, user friendly. Lecturers are great.
Dislikes Nothing so far.
Mitra 07/27/2017
they are great for the overview of a topic. the topics that they deem most important, they delve into. the online course is great for people who study at their own pace and you can always go back to sections. they have so many MCQs too!
Dislikes I wish there were more full length practice exams. 2 isn't enough. Also wish I could review the simulations more. having MCQs is great, but the simulations are heavily tested too and there isn't a way to work more of those.
Katherine 07/22/2017
Very thorough textbooks and a lot of multiple choice questions
Dislikes The simulations don't prepare you well enough for the actual exam.
Lev 07/12/2017
Overall I'm happy with the content and the lectures.
Dislikes For the price, it shouldn't expire in 18 months.
Katie 07/9/2017
It gave me flexibility to study on my own outside of structured classes
Dislikes The lecturers had the most annoying voices
Matthew 07/6/2017
I enjoyed how structured it was and how it gave you a customized schedule. Skills practice condensed lectures were nice and good MCQ's
Dislikes basically just went over the book. I was not a fan of the way the lecture was taught.
Albert 07/1/2017
Material, videos, questions, practice exams
Dislikes Doesn't grade the essay and the app can be better
Sara 06/28/2017
The statistics help you see exactly which chapters and modules you need help with. The progress tests. The MCQ. The flashcares. The mock Exams.
Dislikes Some of the lecturers, like Mike Brown and Angela Brown are mundane and difficult to focus on. The desktop application has a lot of bugs.
Mike 06/27/2017
Overview of Information / Multiple Choice Questions
Dislikes Not being able to access results from prior practice exams. Not covering some of the material
John 06/26/2017
Lots of questions available for practice.
Dislikes Questions didn't necessarily reflect the presentation of those questions on the exam
Reid 06/23/2017
Great instructors and material.
Dislikes I don't like that it expires.
Michael 06/20/2017
Thorough review materials
Dislikes Not many MCQs
TIM 06/19/2017
Lectures go page by page and help with notes
Dislikes Questions are very limited
Helen 06/11/2017
Don't like the Becker Course. I have tried Wiley, Becker, and now Roger to pass AUD.
Dislikes Nothing in particular.
REGINA 06/8/2017
I like the structure!
Dislikes There is nothing I don't like about it
Paul 05/31/2017
The materials were very detailed and provided many "keys" to remembering the information
Dislikes The video lectures were extremely boring and focused more on memorizing than on understanding.
Ben 05/28/2017
Computerized question database with instant feedback on answers. Multiple simulations.
Dislikes Too many gimmicks (e.g., remember this simple acronym "BLAHAMBLA"). I'm exaggerating slightly, but it sometimes seems the course over emphasizes mnemonic devices to memorize instead of the student actually understanding the material. I found some questions on the actual exam not covered by Becker that was covered by Wiley (i.e., Wiley is more comprehensive".
Jeremy 05/27/2017
Lectures are very helpful and the problems are good practice.
Dislikes There definitely should be more sims and mcqs
Ryder 05/24/2017
The format and MC have been great, especially for Audit.
Dislikes I have read online that the BEC course does not accurately reflect the actual CPA test. That is why I am using this service.
Vanessa 05/23/2017
I like the simulations and open-ended type questions.
Dislikes for the Skills Practice, I do not like that videos are the only explanation of the correct answers. I would like if there were written explanations. I do not like that practice questions are repeated in progress tests and that questions are repeated from progress test to progress test. I find myself recognizes answers rather than understanding the material
J 05/23/2017
I felt confident i was prepared
Dislikes Too expensive to have paid for it myself.
Caroline 05/22/2017
layout of the software
Dislikes repetitive questions on progress tests. makes it easy to memorize questions, and doesn't help you learn
Tai Jung 05/20/2017
the practice questions are very useful
Dislikes newer version of its review material is just ok.
Abigail 05/20/2017
The new study material is great- I like the fast track option a lot. This allowed me to focus on what I really needed to study.
Dislikes Desktop version does not sync correctly with the online version. Can be a little hard to navigate.
Kate 05/19/2017
The convenience of studying on my own time.
Dislikes I have been incredibly unsatisfied with the 2017 course updates. I feel like there have been errors and inconsistencies in the material. Also, I wish there were more practice problems.
Morgan 05/19/2017
I like that they obviously have years of experience and have tricks for passing.
Dislikes Multiple choice questions become repetitive.
Gary 05/19/2017
Regular meetings presented by actual CPAs and experts in the field.
Dislikes Very fast pace.
Kathryn 05/17/2017
It was very very similar to the exam in format.
Dislikes It runs out. I was pregnant when I first started taking the classes and had to take time off . Now 2 of my sections have expired.
Allison 05/10/2017
It was very comprehensive.
Dislikes It got into the minutia too much at times instead of keeping with the overall scope of the materials.
Victoria 05/2/2017
Great practice - a lot like CPA Exam.
Dislikes Lengthy MCQs and lectures drag on at times. Wish the software provided quizzes like this where feedback was immediate while allowing the candidate to select which chapters the questions came from.
Ye 05/1/2017
small manageble modules
Dislikes instractor reading through lectures rather than teaching
Himanshu 04/26/2017
Becker new course is in small parts, easy to focus and study in small parts.
Dislikes its not easy to understand for international students
Hayley 04/20/2017
Material is very comprehensive
Dislikes It's really good
Andrew 04/15/2017
Good online study materials
Dislikes Cant see answer right away when taking progress tests, has some wrong answers
Jeffrey 04/9/2017
The sheer amount of materials
Dislikes Material coverage was a mile wide, but an inch deep.
Raymond 04/4/2017
Lot of questions and simulations
Dislikes Questions are somewhat repetitive
Karine 04/3/2017
I like the way Peter Explains the info and makes it fun.
Dislikes not crazy about the way Gearty explains. it feels like he is reading off the text book and i have to make an effort for the info to sink in with him.
Ghislaine 04/2/2017
I like Becker course because there is both simulation and MCQ.
Dislikes I took the test twice with Becker and I failed twice around 70%. In fact I realized there was a deconnection between MCQ by Becker and the actual test.
Alex 04/1/2017
Had alot of questions and answers. The questions were the real good part of Becker.
Dislikes The lectures were long and not nearly as time efficient as doing questions over and over.
Edwin 03/25/2017
Amount of available questions to review from
Dislikes Many questions were not even described properly in the book. Material is not very consistent and many errors showed up throughout the modules
Tom 03/22/2017
The multiple choice questions were good.
Dislikes Could have more questions on small items that were actually on my test. Lectures are very lengthy.
Levi 03/22/2017
Through explanations. Lots of questions. Addressed why answers were wrong.
Dislikes Lots of things to look at, no real guidance on how to use the tools.
Robert 03/21/2017
The practice questions are very good.
Dislikes I dislike the Becker textbook
Shafait 03/16/2017
Very expensive, does not prepare thoroughly for the exam, but their name sells.
Dislikes I purchased it through my employer and end up switching it. I hated just highlighting/underscoring items and not getting a clue what was being taught.
Amber 03/9/2017
The overall amount of data/ concepts covered.
Dislikes Not enough examples and some sections are very long.
Larry 03/7/2017
I like the information is laid out and how the instructor present the information in the lectures. The course gives you a good dose of the different types of questions that may be asked in order to better prepare you for the different way the topic may be presented.
Dislikes I don't like that you only have access to the license for 18 months because that limits you amount of time that most people actually need to use the course. You are then forced to purchase an extension. The access doesn't line up with the 18 months that you have to pass all parts.
Megha 03/7/2017
Standard of questions
Dislikes Not full coverage of course by questions
Carlo 03/4/2017
The software was easy to navigate
Dislikes The lectures and study style was not for me.
Alisha 02/27/2017
The breakdown of information, the amount of MCQs, the software
Dislikes Some of the explanations were too vague
Rolan 02/24/2017
There are lots of questions. The practice exams are very helpful. The book materials are good.
Dislikes The video lectures are a bit verbose and not very focused. They could have made the key points without having spent so many hours.
Kieran 02/18/2017
Many multiple choice questions, with final exams, and lectures.
Dislikes No new multiple choice to final review with
Brennan 02/9/2017
The practice questions were easy to take and navigate through the different topics. The practice tests results were helpful to see which topics need more practice. I did not get to use them as much as I wanted, because in order to complete the Becker Promise all questions and lectures must be completed. The software eventually expired.
Dislikes Just about everything except for the practice exams. The Becker Promise is a joke. I spent nearly $6,000 for Becker with college credit. To renew, after expiration, with the Becker Promise is $200 per section. It's $595 to renew without Becker Promise. Ridiculous!! I would not recommend Becker to anybody. Customer Service is extremely poor. It takes a week to respond. I passed the course and still have not received my certificate. I emailed both Instructor and Director two different times. Very Sad!
Latecia 02/8/2017
Tons of question and the program is setup in the same manner as the actual tests so you are comfortable with format prior to taking tests.
Dislikes Cost
ruben 02/7/2017
The book breaks the material down really well without much fluff.
Dislikes The question explanations aren't as good as other material such as Ninja CPA
aminah 02/7/2017
The level of detail an it's reputation.
Dislikes Nothing.
Gururaj 02/6/2017
I like peter olento (The motivation during lecture) and their materials/lectures are just great
Dislikes There is no enthu with few lecturer's when they teach, normally people sleep off with monotonous tone.
Ryken 01/31/2017
Very thorough review of all the concepts and many multiple choice questions. If you work through the program of study for each section, you should do well.
Dislikes The videos are just reading the book to you and telling you what to underline. There isn't a lot of explanation done in the videos unfortunately.
Harjeet 01/30/2017
It's good for CPA preparation.
Dislikes it has expiry date
Jennifer 01/29/2017
that the exam is setup like the Becker exams
Dislikes I wish they would have more detailed explanation to there MQC.
Louis 01/28/2017
The software. Different learning tools: MCQs, simulations, flash cards, lectures.
Dislikes Not too much variety with questions. Gets repetitive.
Michelle 01/25/2017
Videos were good and not too drawn out
Dislikes I feel it was harder questions than they should be.
Jose 01/25/2017
nothing, is very expensive
Dislikes expensive
Arelis 01/25/2017
Becker courses have a lot of MCQs that help to be familiarize with new terminologies necessary to pass the exam.
Dislikes That is a limited time program that have to pay again if get expired. Also, sometimes the lectures don't give you all the necessary information to understand the concepts and you have to make research in other sources.
PRERANA 01/24/2017
Detailed explanations to answers.
Dislikes No proper guidance on how to approach the exam and the in class learning they promised was below average.
Danielle 01/23/2017
Correlates well to the exam.
Dislikes My course expired before I completed the exam, basically have to pay the cost all over again to continue. Need longer access to the information.
Eric 01/22/2017
Detailed explanation of each step of the learning process.
Dislikes Not enough questions available in the test bank.
Thomas 01/21/2017
The outline format of the books.
Dislikes The software expires after 18 months.
Christopher 01/21/2017
A lot of material available for help.
Dislikes I felt sort of rushed with the material.
Anthony 01/20/2017
The question are intuitive
Dislikes there needs to be a book for each subject
Talisha 01/17/2017
Good content lots of questions and simulations
Dislikes The expiration of the course materials at 18months. It should be at least 2 years or more especially with the new CPA exam changes.
benben 01/11/2017
The lectures are very helpful, which highlights all the important points
Dislikes Lecture could be more fun
Rima 01/11/2017
Lectures are good. Material is well informed.
Dislikes 18 months period is short time.
Gabriel 01/9/2017
what I liked about Becker was that I felt as though I was being taught by true experts and professionals. I never questioned their ability to teach actual tested material
Dislikes I don't feel the methods employed work for everyone. For me personally, I struggle to memorize material unless I read about the topics extensively. Becker is not for those (like me) who need a deeper dive, it is for those whom can memorize acronyms and short cuts
Courtney 01/7/2017
Tell you everything you do
Dislikes I wish it was broken in smaller sections
Euloge 01/6/2017
Emphasis on the most tested area. Large pool of questions with detail explanation for the right answer or the wrong answer choices
Dislikes No detail explanation on the board - Lack of option o select the number of MCQ. Long Lectures. High cost.
Nicola 01/6/2017
Lectures were really god
Dislikes The book doesn't cover nearly enough to understand all the questions.
John 01/2/2017
Provided a lot of multiple choice questions to work through. Course is very thorough.
Dislikes Some of the mcq answers did not provide good explanations. Videos were too long and, at times, went fast.
Conner 12/20/2016
Thorough and easy to understand
Dislikes Probably not technical enough for CPA
Kia 12/20/2016
I liked Tim and Pete as instructors...I felt like they were better at explaining difficult material.
Dislikes I feel like the becker course is not focused enough. Since there are a broad range of topics on each exam, I felt like I spent too much time completing sections that were not even tested on my exams.
Michael 12/9/2016
Great instructors. MCQs prepare you for success on the exam if you do ALL of them.
Dislikes SIMS weren't really similar to the ones I had on exam.
Shauna 12/7/2016
Extensive multiple choice questions and the ability to create progress tests.
Dislikes Lectures were in an ineffective method.
Sam 12/6/2016
Thorough, clear, questions are spot on
Dislikes If you don't get something, there isn't much help available.
Megan 12/5/2016
I liked how it tracked your progress and that you could access it from many different devices.
Dislikes The percentages were intimidating sometimes. I wish the progress tests had more variety in their questions.
Benjamin 12/4/2016
It covered EVERYTHING possibly tested it seemed. It was detailed. The book was great. The lectures were great. The volume of questions given was legit.
Dislikes It was easy to get lost in the weeds as the lectures were long and detailed. It was a little dry......however, I don't think that is a reason to not get Becker because if you put in the time they will cover the material. (I can't speak for Roger as a course, but I did use the cram lectures for REG and FAR and they were a helpful supplement. I'm sure Roger does the job too)
Teresa 12/2/2016
I really liked the videos since they were entertaining and very informative.
Dislikes I think there should be one or two more practice exams.
Myesha 12/2/2016
Good sample questions
Dislikes Long lectures
Kylie 12/2/2016
I liked the general set up of the course. I like to study from a book. I also liked the practice exams and simulations.
Dislikes I don't like how the questions are always in the same order and in big bulky sections. It was hard to review specific items and not user friendly. The books are more of notes from materials than actual materials. The videos just tell you to highlight the book and make notes in the margins without explaining the notes. The explanations came from the questions, but it was frustrating to have to get question wrong in order to see information for the first time.
Michaela 11/25/2016
Wide variety of material
Dislikes Cost
tony 11/22/2016
It provides a lot of information
Dislikes The order of the course material does make structural sense to me
kelvin 11/21/2016
Made material easy to understand
Dislikes 1.5 years subscription date too little, was not clear on how their guarentee works
yan 11/20/2016
enough good questions
Dislikes long boring lectures
Preeti 11/19/2016
Short and to the point
Dislikes Not in much detail as the exam
sweta 11/18/2016
its detailed explaination.
Dislikes few of the examples are vague
Josh 11/15/2016
good layout and variety of study styles
Dislikes Simulations were not like test
Katherine 11/14/2016
Questions and format are very similar to the exam.
Dislikes Some topics are not broken down enough.
Ty 11/10/2016
I liked that there was lots of relevant questions and Peter Olinto's teaching style.
Dislikes I felt that the course did not do a good job of guiding me through the mcq sections. I got annoyed by Gearty's voice and I found his repetitions to be disruptive to my cognitive processes. I disliked how much it cost my parents.
Jessica 11/8/2016
Good selection of questions. Was able to gain understanding
Dislikes Sometimes I feel like the questions can be way to much information and not like the ones i have seen on previous exams
Adam 11/8/2016
The amount of questions
Dislikes The videos did not help. Also, when I would do progress tests I almost always got the same questions or it would completely skip out on a section, mostly chapter 6
Alexis 11/7/2016
Lots of practice questions and practice exams
Dislikes Structure and lectures
Melissa 11/3/2016
The notes and book format were easy to read and understand the content. Tim Gearty lecture videos are the best they keep you engaged and easy to comprehend.
Dislikes Price
Yinka 10/25/2016
Amount of questions Available.
Dislikes The homework tends to be overly complex and not a true picture of what the exam is like
Bryan 10/23/2016
Difficult in final review exam and simulations.
Dislikes Lecturews
Joshua 10/22/2016
The professors were interesting
Dislikes The flash cards were inconvenient and the final review books were a waste of paper.
Stacy 10/22/2016
I liked the format of the course.
Dislikes The course includes way too much material.
Dawn 10/22/2016
entertaining videos, good tests, good textbook
Dislikes I lost my login rights too soon
SAMUEL 10/21/2016
The methodology is very simple and organized. Is easy to memorize terminology utilizing the mnemonics.
Dislikes Not all the topics are cover in the material. In past exam, see questions of material never seen before.
Stephen 10/19/2016
I liked the flexibility and the teaching technique. I further like being able to do customized/random problem sets. The explanations of the answers to the problems were complete and helpful
Dislikes the time restrictions
Lizzell 10/19/2016
Great overview of the materials.
Dislikes Not great if you need more than just an overivew of the material. I wish the chapters were smaller
Sun-Hae 10/19/2016
A lot of material to prepare you for the test.
Dislikes Too long--hard to study with once working.
Islam 10/18/2016
The way of explanation and the matrial structuring
Dislikes Nothing
Rachel 10/18/2016
The amount of questions available as well as the number of resources available for help and study.
Dislikes The time restriction on the online software. Some people do not pass all sections within the 18 month window of obtaining the course. The software should not expire for 2 years or longer. I did not pass my first exam (FAR) until the 2nd take which was 6+ months after obtaining the software due to work and have had some issues with REG which has put me over the 21 months (paid for the 3 month extension) by 1 month and therefore I can not use the software any more, even though I have paid $4k+ for the study material.
Josh 10/15/2016
Lectures were very good and highlighted most commonly tested topics.
Dislikes Some topics weren't covered at all.
Chichi 10/14/2016
More detailed than most.
Dislikes Not enough sims
Zach 10/13/2016
It emulates actually testing conditions so well.
Dislikes You cannot filter progress tests by sections in chapters
Israel 10/13/2016
They explained very well the material , gave great examples.
Dislikes A lot of the material they were focused that was going to be on the test was not and the least important was so i think they would just limit themselves saying what is likely and what is not if they don't know. Also, Becker should have more resources to practice.
Bianca 10/10/2016
Thorough and trustworthy (to prepare for exam) product.
Dislikes Beware of expiration date!
Sherine 10/9/2016
Not enough information to pass the exam
Dislikes Limited timing on the use of the material
Deborah 10/8/2016
Full study materials were included: paper book, e-book, videos. Videos explained things well.
Dislikes Can't have it on more than 3 or 4 devices. I use multiple devices and sometime the app was sketchy. The live classes did not have good instructors.
Derik 10/7/2016
Lots of questions and very structured
Dislikes Can't listen to lectures audio only. Lectures are boring.
Rashida 10/7/2016
Very organized with traditional learning styles.
Dislikes Test bank is limited.
Amelia 10/6/2016
task based simulations are practically identical to sims on exams
Dislikes explanations for wrong answers are vague and unclear
Sophia 10/6/2016
The Books were really an asset, because most of the information didn't change.
Dislikes I did not like the fact that you had to take the test after the completion of each live class. I felt rushed; I didn't feel ready. I felt my money was wasted, because if you didn't follow the program their way you couldn't take them again. I felt they set me up to fail.
haley 10/5/2016
the practice test and the lecture
Dislikes at times it is nothing like the CPA exam
Cristina 10/5/2016
How the answers are explained in detail.
Dislikes Not enough example questions.
vivian 10/5/2016
I liked that the questions and final exams are the same format as the real CPA Exam.
Dislikes The lectures are very long and sometimes don't really give explanation. At times I don't get anything more than the book already provides.
Elissa 10/4/2016
The variety of questions
Dislikes Everything. Everything is too long. It needs to be more concise in order to keep your attention. I feel like there is a lot of unnecessary information that I have studied and have not been tested on in multiple exam attempts.
Jesse 10/4/2016
nearly comprehensive and experienced with prior questions and tutoring services.
Dislikes Why the course would expire before I have the chance to pass all 4 sections is rude and hurtful to people who need to pass in time and lose their software access.
Michael 10/4/2016
I liked the quantity of information and how in depth it went.
Dislikes The volume is low on the videos.
Brian 10/1/2016
The material tracked fairly closely with the test
Dislikes The videos are not very useful. they just read you the book, which isn't that helpful.
Heloisa 09/30/2016
Practical detailed, easy to follow
Dislikes Live class schedule not very broad in my area
shu 09/30/2016
I only use Backer books and sometimes it is too concise for people who don't have enough knowledge.
Dislikes I didn't use the course
Candias 09/29/2016
Number of MCQs and TBS.
Dislikes Software license expiration
Joshua 09/28/2016
They offer a wide range of questions
Dislikes Sometimes they do not do a good job of explaining some of the concepts
Christopher 09/27/2016
I loved the organized study guides that they gave along with the questions that they structured
Dislikes while they give you a year and a half to pass the exam. i hate that the course materials are limited. I wish that they would present the questions in a seperate package for purchase.
Lucy 09/26/2016
good lecture and homework practice
Dislikes not enough practice exams
Rachel 09/24/2016
Convenience and user friendly interface. Simulations are very helpful.
Dislikes Price.
david 09/24/2016
The material notes and practice questions, along with explanations for the right and the wrong answers.
Dislikes The long boring lectures (without any break or division according to the topic/concept), that 18 month deadline for access.
Stacy 09/22/2016
the ability to show us focus on the materials
Dislikes not explaining the material enough
Ahmas 09/20/2016
the summarize and short cut
Dislikes no more detailse
geeta 09/20/2016
The classes and materials are good.
Dislikes Its overpriced and flash cards aren't free.
kinga 09/14/2016
provided great examples, easy to follow and understand
Dislikes videos
Sugey 09/13/2016
lectures and flash cards
Dislikes no clear explanation
Leslie 09/11/2016
The full explanations, large number of questions and sims.
Dislikes The price
yongxin 09/11/2016
good explanation for each item coupled with exercising
Dislikes nothing
Bernard 09/9/2016
Video lectures are good. Books are focused on what is important.
Dislikes Cost is high and after paying that high cost my access to the content I paid for expired before I had a chance to pass. This makes it difficult for those of us who are already working and have limited time to study.
Dorothy 09/7/2016
similar to the real exam
Dislikes nothing
Emily 09/7/2016
Good practice problems.
Dislikes Wish there was more simulation practice
Jialing 09/6/2016
E-books that provide review materials.
Dislikes Unrealistic practice questions that are far from the real questions.
Sathish 09/3/2016
Importantly the course material, the way it was designed
Dislikes no much examples, concentrating only on theory, online classes are like just re-reading the text of the material not like explaining the concept on their own with examples
Maureen 09/3/2016
tough questions that are very similar in style and content to the cpa exam that significantly help in preparation. the becker system program is great too... the ability to click the lecture from the questions, mark questions to come back to later, etc. are great tools
Dislikes progress tests were repeat questions.... I'd prefer if new questions were used because I often remember the answer which doesn't help.
Louis 09/2/2016
A lot of MCQ and good explanations
Dislikes Wish they had more optional practice qws for review
William 09/2/2016
They have information to study
Dislikes Painstakingly slow teaching process
DaiJah 09/2/2016
There are many options for different studying styles. The method you choose really depends on your personal ability to stay focused and motivated.
Dislikes The test bank of multiple choice questions seemed small. I felt like there were moments when I was answering questions correct because I've seen them before rather than actually knowing the correct answer. Potentially that may not be a fault of Becker and more of a disadvantage of my personal study habits.
Tyler 08/31/2016
It mimics the actual cpa exam format wise
Dislikes The price
Kelley 08/30/2016
Questions were similar to actual exam.
Dislikes Sometimes (in my opinion) their ratios were off. For example, I took REG and there was way more law questions than I anticipated.
Kassandra 08/30/2016
The exams and the ability to build a comprehensive one.
Dislikes The types of questions could be more of a variety of options.
mark 08/30/2016
Cannot really comment at this time, haven't taken any exams yet.
Dislikes Cannot really comment at this time, haven't taken any exams yet.
Kate 08/29/2016
It's INTENSE. Thirteen years have passed since I graduated. Becker explains concepts that I have long forgotten.
Dislikes Occasionally, some of the content is worded in a confusing manner.
Lenora 08/28/2016
I like that they keep the questions and simulations up to date
Dislikes I feel like it becomes very easy to memorize the answers and thus you learn the answers and not the concepts.
James 08/27/2016
It helped me to be successful for preparing for the CPA exam.
Dislikes The only thing not to like is that it is overrated.
Jessica 08/26/2016
Lectures are good, questions are decent, but I find the CPA exam is a lot harder than what Becker teaches or gives for questions.
Dislikes Need tougher questions. More questions. Make it easier to get through. It takes A LOT of time.
Stephanie 08/26/2016
I liked the lectures being available online. I like the questions and there is a good amount of them.
Dislikes I think there could be more variety of questions or even more questions. They could add more questions over the course of the 18-24 months you paid for the course
Alexis 08/25/2016
it was exactly the same format as the actual cap exam
Dislikes how long the lectures are
xixi 08/25/2016
the course is almost useless.
Dislikes The topic organization is not good; there is not enough and clear example for some unpopular concept.
Marissa 08/25/2016
Access to questions and simulations.
Dislikes Not always reflective of actual test questions.
Lana 08/24/2016
Good detail in the books. A lot of homework questions.
Dislikes The lectures are horrible. They are basically just reading the book to you.
Alek 08/24/2016
The questions are thorough and the material is great for a walk-through type approach!
Dislikes The simulations could be much better, and more thorough. I seem to struggle with simulations more than anything else. I was very well prepared for multiple-choice questions, however, I felt I really struggled through the simulation portion.
Che 08/24/2016
I like the Multiple choice questions and the simulations as well as the sample exams. I have tried FAR exam so far. and I think that Becker questions are similar to what I saw in the CPA exam. It is a good package but I think the user will need to have a plenty of time and dedication to make the best use of it.
Dislikes I think the material 'textbooks' are very compressed. it is never easy to understand and digest the concepts easily. you have to repeat reading till you get full grip on the concept.. something you need to do well and pass the exam. I did not like the video lectures much ... I think it does not add to quality of studying more than 2 to 3%.!!
Trevor 08/23/2016
It prepared me for each exam.
Dislikes Lectures were very long and could get boring.
Sean 08/22/2016
I like the detailed accounts of the lectures,
Dislikes It would be good if they could automatically regenerate the numbers so we would not be looking at the same problems and answers
Kevin 08/22/2016
Prepared you for the unexpected questions
Dislikes Does not give simple or layman explanation
joe 08/22/2016
it s very similar like the Actual Exam
Dislikes too much highlighting, felt like overwhelmed by the loads of info.
Brittany 08/22/2016
I think that the online training was useful, information was thorough. The books are great resources and I like that there are explanations at the end of question to explain why the answers are incorrect or correct.
Dislikes It expires - which I find ridiculous. For the amount of money that was spent on the books, I believe that the online training materials should not expire - EVER! The books are great resources, but it is difficult to stay focused in certain sections because they are so wordy. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the facts because the information is presented in a confusing manner.
Judy 08/22/2016
very well constructed
Dislikes none
Rohan 08/21/2016
Very good material and content
Dislikes Too few simulation
Wen 08/21/2016
Videos, concise, licensed questions.
Dislikes Some sections didn't have enough emphasis.
Alena 08/21/2016
I liked that the lectures are in-depth and there are a lot of multiple choice questions
Dislikes It seemed as though the REG simulations were significantly easier than the ones I got on the actual exam
Chris 08/21/2016
Simulation Visual-wise, they pretty much give you software of what it looks like, what is available, and how to use the resources
Dislikes They strongly preached their study system, but the video lectures were an absolute time-waster.
ray 08/20/2016
Walks you through the material well and in an organized fashion. Provides good methods to remember items.
Dislikes I feel like their Simulations are not preparing me well enough for the actual CPA Exam
Amanda 08/19/2016
I liked the lay out of the books and the flashcards
Dislikes I wasn't pumped on the questions. I have been using the CPA Review of Free questions and i feel like are helping me.
Tolulope 08/19/2016
Ease of use. Follows cpa format
Dislikes Too long lectures and need to explain some more things in detail
Samantha 08/19/2016
That it is free obviously and that you are told why your answer is right or wrong.
Dislikes There are sometimes spelling or grammar issues that redirect my focus and make me feel like this is not as legitimate as I thought it was.

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