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Gleim Course Features

Online Course
Mobile Support Downloadable App
Questions 13,000
Digital Texbook Digital outline, no tools
Video Lectures 100 hours
Analytics Progress Metrics
Practice Exams
Available Until You Pass
Return Policy 30 days, no more than the first study unit can be completed
Support Counselor, Phone & Email Support
Price $1999
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Financing Available 10–30% APR

Customer Reviews

Maggie 01/2/2019
Step-by-step guidance
Dislikes Boring
Megan 12/10/2018
It has good source of questions and has the task based simulation and writing prep.
Dislikes There is not to much I don't like about the prep course. Just that when are done taking it in school, the different study options go away. You can no longer set up different quizzes that helped me out.
John 12/3/2018
Split out in different sections and good videos
Dislikes Too broad and very boring.
Chirag 11/28/2018
Videos are great and plenty of questions to practice on.
Dislikes N/A
Deon 11/8/2018
Extremely Comprehensive
Dislikes Too much information at times
Scholastique 11/7/2018
you can review the answers
Dislikes it is not always related to the course materials
Taylor 10/31/2018
Additional perspectives and review
Dislikes Auditory Learning Style
Stella 10/12/2018
Very diverse simulation questions
Dislikes some simulations are difficult even with the book outlines
marcus 10/11/2018
it came with my masters program
Dislikes n/a
Jessica 10/10/2018
The study material is easier to follow than previous exam materials I’ve used
Dislikes The calendar. I cannot update from where I started. It have to “start over.” Also, there is no app.
Owen 10/10/2018
Simulates the actual exam atmosphere...
Dislikes None
Idan 06/3/2018
thorough explanations
Dislikes book is hard to read
Carmin 05/14/2018
Information was laid out well and MCQ answers were thorough.
Dislikes Much of the information seems unnecessary
Erin 04/13/2018
It's same questioning with different wording
Dislikes Need more questions
kleen 04/12/2018
Pretty good, detailed study books
Dislikes Some questions asked in Wiley and CPA Review For Free covered material not in the Gleim books
Manahil 04/4/2018
That there are so many questions!
Dislikes Nothing!
HENRY 01/7/2018
Excellent service and review courses
Dislikes I am happy with Gleim
Quelly 11/10/2017
Most times it explains the material well
Dislikes Questions are too lengthy and wordy. Also, review is too vague so it takes more time to study using Gleim material than it would with others
Jasmine 11/8/2017
I will not know until I take the exam. so far it appears to be a good tool.
Dislikes Some of the simulations did not match the study unit being covered.
tyler 10/22/2017
Quantity of questions
Dislikes Exam rehearsal not included with all package options
Amanda 09/11/2017
Simulations were helpful
Dislikes Modules didn't go in logical order
Shawn 09/9/2017
The detail that Gleim has.
Dislikes Some of the mcqs have to much detail.
Brady 08/14/2017
Book in outline format
Dislikes Questions are not most representative of the exam
George 07/20/2017
The smaller learning modules. Detail outlines that are easy to read.
Dislikes Relevant study question.
Star 03/16/2017
Succinct, relevant info. The explanations following each answer and the summarized score with explanations was the most helpful.
Dislikes Nothing.
SATYA NARAYAN 02/19/2017
It has been organised well. I can write a review once I appear and complete the examination.
Dislikes I can write a review once I appear and complete the examination.
Karen 02/4/2017
Explanations to most of the questions provide information beyond just the scope of the topic asked which helps to better understand the concept.
Dislikes Some questions seem out-of-the-blue and not related to study material.
Damon 01/25/2017
Online interface, number of MCQs available for practice
Dislikes Not thorough enough. Online instructors not as good as Becker.
Lindsey 01/22/2017
The study material was provided in a lot of different formats and there were a good amount of questions to use for review.
Dislikes Some of the material is presented in a complex way and some items are presented with too much detail.
Ondrea 01/6/2017
Amount of questions, simulations. etc.
Dislikes Constant following up from coach/advisor.
Jose 11/19/2016
Covers everything you need.
Dislikes Too much information - which it gives you the option to only get summarized or condense information
Kendra 11/5/2016
Not enough explanation given for many more fundamental concepts and far too much detail given on more complex matters, that are likely not going to be tested to that extent on the exam. I am using CPAExcel as my base program and Gleim to hit those more complex matters that I need more work on. CPA Excel's simulations are not as difficult as Gleim's, which are more representative of what I am finding on the exam. So I use Gleim's books for the simulations and deep dive into those things that I struggle with.
Dislikes Videos were comprised of presenter reading the slides. Not very intuitive. CPAExcel has presenters that are much more personable. Gleim has audio which is nice for travel. CPA's simulations are not as difficult as they should be. Too many research questions verses analytical content.
Emily 11/3/2016
Question explanations, outlines.
Dislikes Not enough questions.
Shelia 10/25/2016
The M/C choices and TBS sims
Dislikes There was a lot of information that was outdated. There was no real instructions on how to get started. The videos was not helpful at all.
Kapil 09/10/2016
Good contents Highlight important point
Dislikes Stimulation practice questions.
Jaquatte 09/6/2016
Currently using Gleim and it is very thorough
Dislikes Currently using Gleim....videos and audio are boring.
Luz 09/5/2016
That if they release a new course by the time you are studying they will send you the new version free (just pay handling & shipping).
Dislikes That is not true they give you access until you pass...
Bob 09/4/2016
Presents good information.
Dislikes Audio narrations were dry.
Matt 08/26/2016
Difficulty of questions
Dislikes Textbook was very dense and difficult to read.
Jacqueline 08/24/2016
The questions are challenging.
Dislikes Following their "way' seemed to take a lot of time and only left me with two weeks for review, even though they recommend one. Also, I was focusing on the "harder, longer" problems and spent too much time on those.
Brittany 08/23/2016
The large multiple choice bank.
Dislikes No flashcards are provided.
Audrey 08/23/2016
Review books are in outline format making it easy to quickly absorb the material. The study sessions allow you to receive immediate feedback on multiple choice questions. Each of the study modules emulates the look and feel of the actual exam which prepared me well for test day.
Dislikes The website it a little bit clunky and took some getting used to. The study calendar function seemed like a great feature, but in reality turned out to be not all that helpful.
Robert 08/22/2016
A lot of questions throughout the material
Dislikes Explanations were too short
Chris 08/21/2016
Great variety of questions and in-depth explanations
Dislikes Simulation software not as strong as others
dora 08/19/2016
The simulations may be helpful in preparing for exam
Dislikes Some topics are poorly explained. The topics sometimes appear to be information overload.

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