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Online Course
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Questions 6,200
Digital Texbook PDF viewer with highlighting, lecture player
Video Lectures 100+ hours
Analytics Progress Metrics
Practice Exams
Available 24 Months Course Access
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Price $2999
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Financing Available 10-30% APR

Customer Reviews

Zenobia 01/22/2019
The study material is easy to understand and navigate.
Dislikes Nothing
TIANA 01/17/2019
Engaging lectures! Detailed explanations for all answer choices, so you understand why the wrong answer is in fact wrong.
Dislikes Roger speaks really fast making it a challenge at times to keep up. He also has really bad penmanship, (no offense, Roger) making it difficult to follow along or take notes, as he writes on the white board.
JaLeisa 01/15/2019
I really like the video lectures.
Dislikes Some of the reading material is misleading.
Suzette 01/14/2019
he keeps it interesting
Dislikes searching the site for study groups
Siobhan 01/13/2019
Lectures are engaging and provide good examples
Dislikes Quiz questions seem to be less complex than questions presented on actual exam
Teaching concepts on the whiteboard
Dislikes Very fast
Lindsay 12/17/2018
Lecture is not boring
Dislikes n/a
Kyle 12/8/2018
That I received it for free from my company
Dislikes Expensive to purchase any additional study material
Lively and funny videos
Dislikes Cost
Maritza 11/29/2018
The lessons are engaging and the information is clear and easy to retain.
Dislikes N/A
Donica 11/20/2018
Doesn't overwhelm you with information and keep my engaged
Dislikes Seems to only have easy questions. Not sure if I am prepared for ANY question.
Luzette Njweipi 11/13/2018
The lectures are intresting
Dislikes I do not not like the test bank
Trent 11/12/2018
videos are easy to follow
Dislikes no advanced help for questions
Patrice 11/5/2018
Teaching method used. Practice questions.
Dislikes Doesn't offer the ability to keep the course until you pass.
Devi 11/4/2018
Roger is an excellent teacher!!
Dislikes None
Wesley 10/22/2018
It is a good course, Roger makes it interesting
Dislikes Expiration dates on the course are a nuisance
Stefanie McCuistion 10/22/2018
I enjoy Roger's videos, word association, and enthusiasm.
Dislikes I dislike not being able to download the textbook that accompanies the videos.
Jade 06/25/2018
The course structure is great and I love the online portal system.
Dislikes The cost and the fact that it expires and then you have to repay for the course material all over again to be able to continue to use it to keep studying if you did not pass in the first go round.
Alex 05/31/2018
Engaging Lectures, clear explanations for most incorrect multiple choice
Dislikes Materials expire, sometimes a little too obnoxious to take seriously
Andrew 05/16/2018
As a kinesthetic learner, the combination of video content and massive volume of practice questions is very helpful
Dislikes sometimes Roger can be hard to put up with.
leon 04/3/2018
Roger himself is very energetic and vivacious. I loved watching his lectures...but after watching all of the lecture vids for FAR, AUD, BEC, I determined that I'm not someone who learns much from lectures. The one thing I did learn was how to approach some of the different kinds of questions (i.e. for problems with numbers, "Read the last sentence first", etc.)
Dislikes His textbooks are terrible. They're designed for very advanced students who know the stuff very well already, but I don't think he realizes that. The books should be in outline format. Many topics get a very sketchy explanation, while others get an unnecessarily long explanation. Also didn't like how the practice questions were set up. The interface used for the SIMs did not work well on my computer.
Dami 03/19/2018
The interactive practice questions and the videos
Dislikes The multiple choice app is only iOS and has to be paid for separately from the student package i purchased
Ashley 03/12/2018
Great presentation and use of website
Dislikes Information is too brief at times
Meggan 02/26/2018
The videos are really engaging.
Dislikes Nothing, I love Roger and recommend him to all my peers.
John 02/24/2018
Very informative with easy to understand reasons.
Dislikes Nothing.
Mirna 02/19/2018
The videos are informative but also with sense of humor making it easy to remember.
Dislikes Some of the practice test questions repeat.
Tracy 02/11/2018
Easy to use and somewhat fun to use
Dislikes Nothing
Shenne 12/21/2017
Covered lots of topics and provided lots of mnemonics.
Dislikes I didn't dislike the course. I wanted to see questions differently which is what CPA Review provided.
Fabine 12/4/2017
I like the lectures. Roger makes them entertaining and engaging compare to other materials out there.
Dislikes I don't like the software because it doesn't mimic the actual exam look. I also don't like that questions are limited to 30 at the time.
Patrice 11/28/2017
The price of the course is reasonable compared to other courses. Roger breaks down some of the concepts in great details and offers easy ways to help you understand the concepts.
Dislikes Some topics Roger seems to go through rather quickly. I'm not certain if the topics are important or not since I haven't take the exam yet.
Karen 11/22/2017
I enjoy the videos. Videos are very informative and speaker (Mr. Phillipp) keeps me engage with jokes and wisecracks that I find entertaining. Also, IPQ explanations provide valuable information to make questions clear if answered incorrectly.
Dislikes I really did not find anything that I did not like
Nina 11/13/2017
lectures were formative and interesting, kept your attention
Dislikes the practice test was just all questions that you already have seen compared to becker where its question you have not seen before
Jared 11/8/2017
The videos were well done and entertaining.
Dislikes I wish there was more 'adaptive learning' type MCQ questions.
Rich 10/31/2017
Excellent video lectures
Dislikes Possible explanations to questions would only be shown if you, close the description and then select another. It was tedious/time consuming to click and close all boxes. I want to see all explanations immediately.
Marijune 10/7/2017
Roger's video lecture makes it possible to understand each topic discussed more than any other video I have watched.
Dislikes They used to have more practice questions available until they limit it at least with our ACCT 311 class with UMUC
Julie 10/4/2017
The lectures kept my attention during late night study sessions.
Dislikes The test questions and scenarios were so different than what was actually tested. Conceptually, I didn't understand enough with the lectures, summarized books and the questions provided. It should have been more clearer not just learning the acronyms.
Rachel 09/7/2017
The cram lectures were very helpful. Roger was energetic.
Dislikes No simulations on the App
Conchata 09/5/2017
Has cram course software
Dislikes Purchased cram course software that did not include test bank of questions
Justin 08/11/2017
I really like the energetic lectures
Dislikes I really dislike not having an android app and the way the digital book works inside the web app.
tuong 08/3/2017
fun and engaging lectures to keep me fall asleep from reading too much
Dislikes sometimes it is hard to study when I tried to follow the book while watching his lectures. Roger tends to go back and forth and I have to look into the text to follow which section he is referring to, which makes it confusing sometimes.
Andrew 07/11/2017
somewhat interesting considering the material
Dislikes not enough review questions/practice material
Grace 04/8/2017
The course was informative. It had a lot of understanding in it.
Dislikes Sometimes customer service was a little slow but overall the classes were great
Andrea 04/4/2017
I really enjoyed the lectures and felt I was learning the information. There were several items that I felt more clear on after the lectures
Dislikes The lack of success on the exams
Kathleen 03/28/2017
Roger's course is very good. If you do what he instructs, most likely you will pass. I took the course in 2012 and passed both Audit & Reg on the 1st tries. I lost credit for both because I waited to long to take the next parts. I took Roger's course again in 2017 and passed FAR on the 1st try. I did fail my 1st try at BEC.
Dislikes Nothing not to like about the course although I found that there were many MCQ on BEC with many unfamilair terms. I think that they need to update the wording of their practice questions on BEC
Clarissa 02/24/2017
I like the lectures and the conciseness of each chapter.
Dislikes Not enough different questions. Some of the questions were repeated even after I selected a quiz over questions I hadn't seen before.
Nick 02/23/2017
entertaining lectures
Dislikes Some material still hard to grasp after lectures
Khashayar 02/17/2017
the excitement and simplicity
Dislikes nothing
Danielle 02/1/2017
He keeps it interesting.
Dislikes Needs more MCQs
Lauren 01/19/2017
The lectures are good and things are explained well.
Dislikes The questions dont always have the best explanations and some of the questions say the right answer is actually wrong.
Alexandra 01/12/2017
The lectures were entertaining and not dry and boring.
Dislikes The question bank was limited.
Amanda 01/9/2017
The lectures are very entertaining.
Dislikes I feel when i take MCQ on different websites, the questions are usually easier in the Roger course.
MarcAnthony 12/30/2016
Roger does a good job keeping you alert and focused during the lectures. His classroom antics and humorous examples help you to learn and more importantly understand heavily tested topics.
Dislikes During his lectures, he tends to skim or read very quickly through material that eventually turns up on practice questions.
Brad 12/22/2016
Videos are very helpful
Dislikes Nothing yet
adam 12/5/2016
FAR was good..the rest of his lectures so far have been a waste of time
Dislikes Poor Customer service..questions arent anything as hard as actual exam..lectures dont relate to material well outside of FAR
Stefanie 12/4/2016
Upbeat lectures. The books are typically easy to understand.
Dislikes Roger always stands in front of the information on the whiteboard, so you can't see it while he is talking. The MCQs are not sufficient; I supplement with Ninja MCQs.
Pete 11/16/2016
More in depth, easier to understand.
Dislikes Too fast sometmes.
Tom 11/3/2016
Easy to understand concepts.
Dislikes Not enough questions needed to test my knowledge on topics.
rosy 10/25/2016
I liked the lectures.
Dislikes The multiple choice questions did not prepare me to pass the exam. Also the book did not go into enough detail on certain topics that I felt needed more of an explanation.
Rachel 10/20/2016
Good program. Roger is very energetic
Dislikes none.
Andrew 10/18/2016
Roger is very upbeat. Best videos around. Bite size lectures make it easy to understand and sit through.
Dislikes No negative Feedback. But as always I hate the expiration date on any expensive CPA study software.
Chelsea 10/18/2016
He keeps it interesting and keeps my attention
Dislikes Not enough TBS example questions
SIANA 10/12/2016
Roger is engaging and funny. I am constantly cracking up watching the lectures. They are bite sized enough to watch.
Dislikes I feel like the software could be just a little better. It's great, but not as customizable as i would like.
Shawna 10/10/2016
breaks down items into easily learnable sections; makes studying enjoyable
Dislikes spoke a little too fast for me. This is adjustable on the videos but not on the audio downloads.
Chitralekha 10/6/2016
I like their way of teaching
Dislikes Nothing to mention
katrina 10/1/2016
Very energetic and engaging
Dislikes Unfortunately I didn't pass with it
Tamia 09/29/2016
I would like more variety in the questions, but the videos are great.
Dislikes The sample question database.
Taleen 09/26/2016
He makes it interesting
Dislikes The lectures don't prepare you enough for the MC questions. You have to read the text thoroughly.
S 09/19/2016
Liked Roger he makes the lectures as fun as possible
Dislikes The MCQ's I think are a little lacking
Dylan 09/19/2016
Teacher's lecture style
Dislikes There could be more simulations. Some simulations were buggy.
Cherilyn 09/15/2016
His lectures were very dynamic and interesting.
Dislikes The IPQ question bank would often have duplicate questions and questions that have not been in his lectures yet for a particular chapter
Maheen 09/9/2016
It's not boring and focuses on the important stuff.
Dislikes Details did show up on the exam and I had no idea. Sims are not that good.
Cyril 09/5/2016
The feedback from answering the questions.
Dislikes Nothing found at the moment.
Bob 09/4/2016
Roger has superb presentation skills in his lecture videos.
Dislikes Nothing to dislike.
Arthur 08/31/2016
Really liked Roger and his lectures. The site is great.
Dislikes Too many errors in content, became frustrating to ask questions in their homework help center and get the answer "Our mistake! We'll send to editorial team."
Johana 08/30/2016
Lectures and mnemonics
Dislikes The book is very simplified. Some students may need more information to fully understand and to solve harder problems in the CPA exam.
Ana 08/25/2016
I liked he teaching style
Dislikes I only ordered the cram and it does not include enough questions
Albina 08/24/2016
great lectures, clear material.
Dislikes Can choose only up to 30 questions at one time and cant break the chapter into sub-chapters when choosing multiple choice questions. With exams like FAR i wanted to select 10 chapters and be able to select sub-chapters i found more difficult and practice multiple choice specifically on them
Jenn 08/22/2016
Lectures were concise.
Dislikes The explanations in the MCQ did not help clarify why an answer was incorrect.
Meagan 08/22/2016
Good questions..i saw some of them on the first time I took the exam
Dislikes He goes too fast
Thomas 08/19/2016
Pace and excitement of lectures.
Dislikes Cost
Garrett 08/19/2016
The lectures. The material is difficult but Roger explained the information very well and provided an attitude of how my outlook should be about the material. He is very fun and makes light of difficult subjects, however does not play around with liability issues or any issue that should not be taken seriously.
Dislikes I wish there were more questions and that the questions were a bit more intuitive. I do not feel it's questions were at the full difficulty level of the CPA exams. I'm sure they aren't designed to be that difficult but I wish they had a section where you could test yourself with questions as difficult as the exams test at.

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