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Customer Reviews

I think it is a very useful system with many different components to help you learn the way words best.
Dislikes The site tends to breakdown occasionally
The detailed explanation/reasoning to multiple choice answers. Feedback is excellent on missed questions.
Dislikes Organization for study is not great.....
The sections are broken down into pieces to help digest information more easily.
Dislikes There isn't a way to cram multiple-choice questions easily like there is on CPA Review for Free.
The bite size portion and flexibility of the study guide.
Dislikes I think it is a good review course with plenty of questions to practice with.
Unlimited access to review course until I pass all sections
Dislikes There are often software issues.
The lessons are bite sized and easy to listen to. Text is clear and complete. And there are many questions to practice with.
Dislikes Some grammatical errors in the text. The mobile app isn't that good. If I watch a video on the app, it doesn't show as having been watched in the desktop version.
The CPA Course is very well organized and easy to follow.
Dislikes Not applicable
I liked the ability to flag questions for later and customize quizzes.
Dislikes Some questions are somewhat vague.
Very thorough with Study Guide.
Dislikes The Study Guide does not contain practice tests.
I enjoy the short video lectures, they hold my attention. I really like the study planner, it is helpful to keep me on schedule.
Dislikes The phone app does not always work correctly, it does not synch with the web material. It makes it hard to study effectively when you are doing the same questions over and over again because the web questions and app questions are not tracking correctly. I have also had trouble with some of the simulations not working right, or having incorrect answers.
Breaking down by module
Dislikes Flagging doesn't work
The short videos with good practice questions.
Dislikes Some of the instructors are not as good as others
They have detailed explanation and the content of the material ia adequate
Dislikes Sometime that miss out on explaining the basis which would be difficult if we do not know some of the undergrad concepts.
Bite-sized lessons made it easy to get through several each day
Dislikes Sooooooooo many software problems
Only used the textbook. Easy to learn topics
Dislikes They didnt have enough practice problems
Small course subjects
Dislikes Too many errors in questions.
A lot of examples, questions and materials.
Dislikes Explanations sometimes don't help you enough to understand the question.
Excellent flashcards using iphone
Dislikes With IOS11 some apps did not work
The information is straight to the point
Dislikes I think there is much more than you need to know
Lots of simulations and review MCQs.
Dislikes The lessons in the REG section have really long videos compared to the other sections of the test and boring presenters.
Video lectures, and bit-size manageable material.
Dislikes Lack of difficult TBS's
Good materials easy to digest
Dislikes Not enough IT
Course materials were in-depth
Dislikes No practice exam questions, just the questions at the end of the modules
Shorter study sections. Study plan
Dislikes Wish there were more questions after each topic and at the end of a section.
Very detailed level of material.
Dislikes All the videos. While instructive, they did not help too much in the application process.
They have so many mcqs and simulation problems.
Dislikes Problems/question are more prctical and focus on the key concept.
No Expiry period. No tension to pay for renew the access.
Dislikes it is great course and i dont have anything to mention here.
No Expiry period. No tension to pay for renew the access.
Dislikes it is great course and i dont have anything to mention here.
Very detailed and covers the area of the exam extensively.
Dislikes Cost. Tend to be expensive compared to other CPA review course.
Thorough explanations on all subjects.
Dislikes No forum to study questions that is not timed. I understand we are timed on the exam but when I'm studying sometimes especially if I'm unfamiliar with a topic I need time to digest it before I start worrying about racing the clock.
Comprehensive information
Dislikes Questions do not mirror CPA exam format, and I only need to assess the basic format and kind of questions I will be answering in order to be prepared for the exam. I am a seasoned auditor (8 years) in large local office firm and used my experience plus cpareviewforfree to pass AUD, FAR and BEC without the assistance of Wiley. I passed on my first try for each. I found that while Wiley was comprehensive in information, it was sometimes too burdensome and did not explain the overarching thought processes necessary to make a conclusion on an issue/question. In essecence, Wiley was far more form over substance than I liked.
SOPHIA 11/2/2017
The bite size videos.
Dislikes The test bank when a question is incorrect does not provide proper explanation of why that was the best answer or why the selected answer was incorrect. The response is usually not clear and facility learning .
everything.. virtual classes are amazing
Dislikes nothing..
The exam-like questions along with the explanations to help you understand better.
Dislikes Pricing could be more competitive than it is.
Lien 09/29/2017
Good for referencing but not for study materials.
Dislikes Feel that the materials are not that well organized.
Great questions and explanations.
Dislikes Not able to pause the time (e.g., bathroom break).
Breaks down lesson into small parts for easy understanding
Dislikes Sometimes misses the big picture, information is not 'pulled together' as well to assist in answering questions.
I liked the MCQ section but felt that theory explanation(course material) is real bulk.
Dislikes Bulky theories
Leo Angelo09/6/2017
I only did the study guide
Dislikes Limited questions. some of them are too easy
Very thorough; great examples
Dislikes Not easily to navigate through lectures and questions
The questions are thorough and relates the course material.
Dislikes Nothing at this moment.
Test bank and sample tests
Dislikes Study plan and new interface, black/white text, not a lot of chart summaries
bit size lessons, the test interface is exactly what you will see in the exam which is very helpful since you are familiar with the interface already.
Dislikes I feel like some of the auditing subjects are not missing in the course, so I'm a little bit worried.
Hand me downs from a cousin
Dislikes Books, boring.......
The practice questions after every mini lesson. Also the bite sized lessons.
Dislikes Not much I didnt like - wish the flash cards had more formulas in them, but those are easy enough to make on my own.
Testbank questions and tracker
Dislikes phone software not upto par
Lots of practice questions
Dislikes need to prioritize the information
Reading material was easy to follow
Dislikes Not enough explanation on answers
in detail information
Dislikes lengthy lessons
It taught me a lot of the things that I needed to know for the exam and gave some very helpful tips.
Dislikes I noticed some errors in the text provided by Wiley/CPA Excel. Some of these errors were merely grammatical and had no large effect on my studies. However, some of the errors were with the numbers and equations, making studying confusing at times. Either way, I think it shows that the company does not proofread its material as best as it can and at best shows sloppy work. It does raise some doubt as to whether or not I am receiving the best study material.
Brief sections, big test bank
Dislikes No complaints
detailed lectures and book
Dislikes it was good
Detailed to understand the topic.
Dislikes Nothing.
Chapters in textbook are clear
Dislikes Need more access to practice tests.
Accompanying text, video and questions to reinforce concepts.
Dislikes The book needs to be narrowed down.
I'm using only the textbook and focus notes from Wiley. I like that the information is brief and to the point.
Dislikes I've heard that the lectures are very boring which is why I chose not to purchase the entire course.
The course structure which includes short video, study notes, MCQs, True & False for knowledge check, slides, flashcards and test for each of the lesson.
Dislikes Sometimes there's a technical glitch. Also the work done in laptop/PC doesn't easily sync with mobile app. Lastly, it would be great to have slides and study text in app.
Very in depth and thorough.
Dislikes Sometimes the software is a bit too cumbersome.
I think it gives an abundance of material
Dislikes Nothing
good variety of challenging questions with good explanations.
Dislikes So far so good.
Good price for lots of content
Dislikes Explanations were sometimes confusing. More examples would be helpful.
Not bad, haven't passed with it though.
Dislikes Nothing in particular.
The offer brief overview of each section allowing for memory to kick in as well as topic based questions. But offer combined overall testlets in the appendix
Dislikes Sometimes the overview is too detailed and general that it doesn't hit directly on questions that may be asked.
Content is well organized, in-depth, and representative of what actually appears on the CPA exam.
Dislikes No computerized component as the actual exam is. Limited simulation practice questions in book.
Seems like all of the information is made available and is organized well.
Dislikes The volume of information is too much to easily consume. There should be more questions, answers, and explanations available for review.
Good quality questions. Excellent explanations of answers provided.
Dislikes None
The way questions are framed on each topic
Dislikes Nothing
The way questions are framed on each topic
Dislikes Nothing
Easy to understand the concept of the topic
Dislikes Difficulty is easy to compromise
Material is covered rather extensively. Large MCQ database.
Dislikes Task based simulations didn't grade correctly, Governmental accounting lessons were sub par.
access until you pass, detailed and comprehensive lessons
Dislikes boring videos
Good website, lets you review your study sessions afterwards
Dislikes Could use some more questions for some of the topics.
More detail Explanation of topic.
Dislikes Systematically topic are not presented
the course offers many different options of studying and you have access until you pass
Dislikes i have been happy so far but i am just now taking FAR so I will know better after I take the test
The course material contains all of the information necessary and goes into sufficient detail to obtain an understanding of the material that is sufficient for the exam.
Dislikes The organization of the information can be confusing at times and the outline format may fall short when explaining more detailed concepts.
structure, study plan
Dislikes lots to take in
Question and explanations
Dislikes Overwhelming
It was very user friendly. It also cover most of the information that I saw on the REG exam.
Dislikes I took about 11 practice tests, which I was scoring between 80 - 87 most times. I began noticing that although they offered 1200 plus questions, the exams keep repeating the same few questions over and over. I would suggest a better algorithm.
I liked the small lessons and all of the test bank questions.
Dislikes Well -- I have taken 3 of the tests and have only passed one. Not sure if I can plan the course or just me. At least Wiley continues to update and lets me to continue studying until I do finally pass.
its relatively cheap.
Dislikes the website crashed a lot.
Seems to cover the material well enough.
Dislikes Lots of typos and incorrect calculations make it difficult to understand some of the questions and provided answers.
Feedback per question
Dislikes It does not really identify your weak areas
it is very detailed ,gives you a good understanding of all the topics that will be covered on the exam.
Dislikes it is not very structured.
Many sample questions
Dislikes FAR module could be in 2 volumes
I like the amount of questions and how the answers are structured. I like they have simulations
Dislikes I didnt like that once you got the answer wrong it always stayed in the incorrect file. I would say the CPA review focuses on minor details that i missed with Wiley.
I saw questions that were not included in the wiley efficient learning test bank and the book.
Dislikes More questions needed that are expected to be seen on a exam setting. Some questions were repetitive, similar to the test bank repetitive questions.
I think the test bank was very useful and the reason that I am understanding the material.
Dislikes I think the lectures and book provide to much information and end up taking to much time for my style of learning. Thus they don't end up being useful. I wish I would have just bought the test bank alone.
Good lectures and material, lots of questions to review.
Dislikes Lots of material that my be overkill for the exam.
Large database of questions
Dislikes Answer explanations sometimes do not match questions
I liked the explanations given. I also like the simulation based practice questions
Dislikes There seemed to be too many of the same questions. Also, I would have liked to have know which questions were considered medium and which were considered hard.
Video tutorials. Lessons are bite-size, easy to absorb.
Dislikes Dashboard not easy to read
I like that you can create your own study quiz and you can see what percentage you have mastered per topic.
Dislikes I do not like that it was not available one time online. Also I do not like that it is not unlimited until you pass.
Bite size chunks, easy to study in small time intervals. Also can easily use the various tools to study in a way that works for you.
Dislikes The videos just repeat what is in the study guide, there is little additional value from watching the videos in terms of gaining additional insights vs. the written study guide.
The books are very details and you could go at your own pace
Dislikes LIked just about everything
Bite-sized lessons, study planner, decent amount of practice questions.
Dislikes Typos and errors in content
detailed information and good questions
Dislikes videos could be more engaging
Not much so far. The book has not presented the information in a way that aligns with the practice tests.
Dislikes I still have a lot of work to get ready for the exam because I don't feel the Wiley has sufficiently prepared me to sit for it.
well organized topics
Dislikes too expensive
The questions and layout is exactly how it is on the CPA. Everything is organized in a convenient way as well, which makes it easier to study and practice.
Dislikes More practice questions would be great.
Questions and explanations
Dislikes The software, how the questions appear and the results of retake is not considered.
The BEST material!!!!!!
Dislikes I like everything about them
Covered information in detail.
Dislikes Sometimes poor explanations to mcqs.
Bite size, all parts covered. Exercises questions and answers with good explanation.
Dislikes The rest bank software usually have issues like not open fast,repetitive questions and simulations lacking explanations.
It is easy to understand
Dislikes The change in instructors
The variously s questions
Dislikes Nothing
Short lessons and the test bank
Dislikes Many duplicate questions and I have found several multiple choice questions that do not provide the correct answer
i liked that the questions resembled those of hte actual exam.
Dislikes i didn't like all the material to get through- too much detail
The database of questions that were offered.
Dislikes Lectures were too dry; basically reading the information straight from the book without any further developing the ideas/concepts.
I liked the variety of practice questions and the detailed explanations were very clear.
Dislikes The modules were a bit dry, but I'm not sure if that is a Wiley complaint, or just the material in general.
The breakdown of the study material. I like how the program is set up.
Dislikes The information was outdated. None of the questions and written communication practice was helpful in testing. The material was not familiar when taking the exam. It was most useful when I took the BEC the first time and not this pass time. I did worst actually.
Ha Sung10/24/2016
Having lots of questions
Dislikes Simply they do not update according to any changes
Book is straight forward, well written
Dislikes There are occasion typos
The reading material is concise and to the point.
Dislikes The videos are bland and slow.
Very Convenient to use and updated exam questions.
Dislikes Only audio lectures to listen while driving is what I miss all the time
Explanations of problems
Dislikes Nothing
Good Videos, Bite lessons, very good professors.
Dislikes Need structural summary for review.
Questions had good answer explanations
Dislikes Outline so long
The questions are interesting and challenging
Dislikes Questions are difficult
I liked the lectures and the exam questions were a good prep for the exams.
Dislikes The flashcards were not as relevant as I would have liked. They were too specific on most of the topics.
It goes into a lot of detail.
Dislikes It's redundant, making the reading much longer and difficult to comprehend. There are gramatical errors.
The way the textbooks are broken up into bite size lessons and the additional online question bank. I also liked the focus notes to use as review the week before the exam.
Dislikes The flashcards were pretty bad.
short lessons, work at my own pace
Dislikes Often sections were TOO short or too long. Need more consistent lessons to plan time better
the level of detail they included into each topic
Dislikes the examples are poor
Good practice for the exam.
Dislikes Could have more questions that are actually on the exam.
very detailed, good exam plan and schedule tracker, straight to the point material, love the bite sized sections/lectures, you must put time in, as with any other exam, to fully master it.
Dislikes can be a bit difficult to understand if you don't have an accounting backround/classes. one lecturer in particular was so boring I stopped watching those lectures.
thorough explanation of why the answer is incorrect or correct Also, I found it beneficial that material is broken up in bite size pieces, it makes it easier to learn the material.
Dislikes haven't found anything yet I don't like Wiley/CPA review course.
I like the small bite size study modules .
Dislikes Sometimes explanation aren't clear enough and some questions worded strange.
Bit sized topics help comprehension and retention.
Dislikes Multiple choice questions are mostly medium difficulty.
Comprehensive. Good if you have a busy schedule and cannot to a live program. More affordable than Becker.
Dislikes Virtual Class add on is hit or miss. The Auditing Virtual Professor is fantastic. You could skip the others.
Comprehensive text Book
Dislikes Simulations
explanation is easier
Dislikes not complete
In depth coverage of CPA exam topics
Dislikes Sometime practice questions or study material is poorly written or has errors that make studying more confusing than it really needs to be.
Lectures are very clear and teach you the material very well
Dislikes i failed my test twice and I am doing it for a 3rd time so its just getting frustrating
It was a comprehensive course and long.
Dislikes It was not an easy way to learn all the ideas.
Straight forward and easy to use.
Dislikes Lacked depth in the test banks and didn't cover enough if the text book
Thr material is broken down into manageable pieces which makes it easier to review
Dislikes The cost attached.
The lectures and the notes.
Dislikes The fact that the questions they ask are almost always the same.
The on line test bank of mc questions and simulations
Dislikes A good deal of typos in the material. Low level of customer support.
Pacing and general preparedness
Dislikes Sims in the course software are very glitchy, also there are periods of online downtime lately.
Different type of questions being asked
Dislikes No second chance to answer if you misclicked with out having to reatake
Comprehensive coverage. I just used the printed study guide, which had lots of questions. I liked how I could just buy the study guide without paying for the whole course.
Dislikes Lots of typos in the book. Sometimes examples were unclear.
It is focused and easily understandable by any one who can depend on to purse their career .
Dislikes everything is awesome except repeating of the same questions in every year edition.
Study material and fast server.
Dislikes The explanations to the MCQ.
Context that is provides in the textbook.
Dislikes Watching the lectures takes too much of your time
30 minute sections makes it easier to process material
Dislikes nothing
The bite sized lessons
Dislikes The mobile app does not work well and it never accepted my login.
Easy to use but do not waste time with the videos if you are trying to get through the material efficiently.
Dislikes The way they grade all the assignments and give an overall grade. If I get an answer wrong on an exam I just want to review why its wrong. It takes too much time to get a perfect overall "100" in their system.
It allowed me to cover the material fairly comprehensively at my own pace
Dislikes The online simulations in the test bank are clunky
Great bite sized lessons
Dislikes Some lecturers are terribly boring
Condensed amount of information and the affordability of the material.
Dislikes Too much wording in the explanations and how to's.
It's easy to understand, lots of sample questions, affordable. Passed 3 tests with it so far!
Dislikes Errors in material sometimes, not enough information about what is more or less important for the exam.
A lot of questions and you can choose the subtopics you want to take a quiz of
Dislikes boring lecures
Short lectures are easy to follow along with.
Dislikes Website is down a lot.
Simple , easy to follow
Dislikes Not up to professional standards,, it is like a beginners version
Smaller sized lessons and good question bank
Dislikes Some questions are omitted from the teaching lessons
Very thorough material
Dislikes Too many questions; not enough preliminary textual material
The review book was full of helpful review material and the quizzes and testlets were great!
Dislikes The flashcards answers were very cumbersome and hard to memorize.
being able to use the virtual classrooms and the variety of MCQs and simulations.
Dislikes the lecture videos with some of the faculty were boring
Answer explanations are really good
Dislikes Need to add new set of questions
Just a disclaimer--I only used the review books because I could not afford the entire course. That said, I really liked the number and variety of questions provided. The simulations, while somewhat different in that they were printed, were also very helpful.
Dislikes I was disappointed with the content of the modules. There were a lot of questions I felt that the modules didn't adequately prepare me to answer. I understand, though, that the introduction gave a fair warning that a student may need to consult outside sources, depending on his/her academic background. Maybe using just the books would be more appropriate for someone who saved their course materials or had a very thorough (and recent, or well-retained) academic background.
I loved the Wiley/CPA Excel course. A lot of MC questions to work with. And gave me a thorough explanation of solutions and the material.
Dislikes Nothing really. I just wanted to get more MC questions on REG on this website.
Their questions are quiet similar to the exam questions or to any other review course
Dislikes The format is not similar to the exam database like calculator option and searching on the database for the Simulation questions
Small lessons. Lots of multiple choice questions
Dislikes No app
Notes what is important in the notes
Dislikes There are some typos.
Easy bite size lessons and the MCQ and simulation tutor
Dislikes More simulations
covers all content in great detail. shorter lectures
Dislikes not as easy to navigate

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