CPA REVIEW FOR FREE - New Features and Updates
    support - 01/16/2019, 2:46 pm
    Welcome to the brand new CPA Review for Free! We’ve made a lot of changes to our study platform for both free and premium users. We now offer a subscription plan called [CPA REVIEW PLUS+](/upgrade). We are very excited about the features available in this plan. **DASHBOARD** There’s a brand new landing page when you enter the study platform. For PLUS+ subscribers this dashboard will give you a broad view of your performance, your recent study sessions, recent exams, and much more. **PRACTICE EXAMS (PLUS+)** They’re finally here! You can now take practice exams for AUD, BEC, REG, and FAR. These practice exams are virtually identical to the real AICPA exam and include all the tools and functionality offered in the real exam. **SIMULATIONS (PLUS+)** We now offer in-depth simulations within our practice exams. These simulations mirror the real exam simulations and better prepare you for all aspects of the test. We would love to hear your feedback on these new features, feel free to contact us or post right here in the community forums. Thanks CPA Review Support
    Really correct? Can you help?
    Daichi-92532 - 01/22/2020, 7:32 pm
    Unrestricted net assets, temporarily restricted net assets, and permanently restricted net assets seem correct answer
    couldn't contact with vat consultants Can you help?
    user-26641 - 01/22/2020, 7:37 am
    I was thinking of starting a business in my hometown Dubai. But for starting a business I have to do a vat registration but I have nor much knowledge about how to do that. I wanted to connect top vat consultants in UAE and got the solution from but still couldn't contact with them. What should I do now?
    I cant change my display name Can you help?
    user-21492 - 01/20/2020, 6:15 pm
    my profile has an error in red to change display name but after I change it I can't not save changes. Error: Please choose a custom display name!
    The lessor always uses the implicit interest rate built into the contract regardless of the amount of the lessee's incremental borrowing rate? Can you help?
    Daichi-92532 - 01/17/2020, 7:47 am
    The lower one of incremental borrowing rate or Discount rate used by lessor should be used, I guess.
    Why isn't 0.45 mn (=(1.3 + 0.4)/2-0.4) average? Can you help?
    Daichi-92532 - 01/17/2020, 7:16 am
    Lease amount should be averaged during the term
    Why here a database and an additional $40,000 fully recognized? Can you help?
    Daichi-92532 - 01/16/2020, 8:55 pm
    To reflect the share of the investment, the amount should be 40,000*0.3, I guess
    Why cash dividend of $20,000 not included? Can you help?
    Daichi-92532 - 01/16/2020, 8:32 pm
    20,000*0.4 should be decreased from the investment income.
    DUPLICATE QUESTION Can you help?
    user-26303 - 01/16/2020, 4:55 am
    why the adjusted risk free rate is used?? Can you help?
    user-21492 - 01/13/2020, 5:39 pm
    Why is the adjusted risk free rate used??
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