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New to this !
user-20129 - 09/25/2019, 5:55 am

Hi Friends,

I am planning to prepare for CPA exams and I have not started anything yet. Is there any way to get free study materials to start with. I want to analyse the course before I buy the courses package. Just want to get a little idea before I spend thousand of dollars in it. Please help !

Nate - 09/27/2019, 3:48 pm

Hi there!
You can get started with free study materials right within CPA Review For Free

The best approach would be to use the complete course at Fast Forward Academy.
It does not cost thousands and the best part is its loaded with all the study tools, questions with explanations, and video lectures you will need to pass all (4) parts of the CPA exam.

You can save $450 on Fast Forward CPA

Good luck with your studies!!!



Rodneisha-90671 - 09/27/2019, 3:52 pm

Most review courses provide free trails. I would say check them all out before you finally make a decision.

verified_user RobPremCPA (Instructor) - 09/30/2019, 8:10 pm

Hey! Best of luck to you as you get going on your studying! One of the most important attributes for passing the CPA exams is to have a study timeline that is well-planned and is reasonably able to be executed. Everyone has a different schedule, everyone has different responsibilities, and everyone has a different way of studying that is best for them. I would suggest starting out by understanding what 'most' people say is a good plan, but then tweak it to fit your lifestyle and goals.

If you ever want to discuss and develop a study timeline that is right for you, drop me a line. I can help you create a plan from scratch, or can provide suggestions on a currently outlined plan.

Go get em!