State Requirements

Select a state to compare exam requirements, licensure requirements, state board of accountancy contacts, and exam fees.

General Requirements


To become licensed, you will need 150 hours of education with a variety of accounting courses. But, there are states where you can sit for the exam with less. Are you currently a student? States like Florida and California will allow you to take the CPA exam with only 120 hours of education.


The CPA exam is a tough, 4-part examination that tests your mastery of accounting concepts and practices. You will need to pass all four examinations within 18 months. Under the age of 18 but ready to sit for your exam? Many states will require that you be 18 years of age or older prior to testing, but there are many options like New York and Texas which will allow you to test at any age.


To earn your CPA license, you will need to meet an experience requirement. This is typically a period of two years working under a licensed CPA in industry, business, government, or college teaching. This will vary from state to state.


Depending on your state, you may also have a fourth E, ethics. This is an additional exam that you will need to pass before licensure, but it is nowhere near as intense as the CPA exam. Depending on the state, the exam will test on your understanding of the conduct required of CPAs who serve the financial integrity of individuals and businesses.