CPA Exam Requirements

1 year experience in public accounting: 150 hours or sat for the exam prior to 2000. 2 years public accounting experience: Sat for exam with less than 150 hours but obtained 150 hours prior to certification. The public accounting experience is gained thro

Age 18
Education Bachelor's degree with 150 total semester hours is required to sit for the exam 30 semester hours in accounting courses 24 semester hours in business courses
Citizenship No
Residency Yes

CPA Exam Fees

Application and Testing Fees

Application Fee $140
CPA AUD $193.45
CPA BEC $173.60
CPA FAR $193.45
CPA REG $173.60
Total $874.10

CPA Licensure Requirements

Bachelor's Degree of 150 semester hours is required.

Other Resources

State Board Contacts

Accountancy Board of Ohio
77 South High Street
18th Floor
Columbus, OH