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1 Detailed Reporting And Performance Metrics

Save time and know when you're ready by tracking your progress across exam topics

2 Session Review and History

Review your entire performance history and access individual sessions to view your score, average times, and other helpful analytics.

3 Section and Topic Breakdown

Detailed information on trending scores and performance within each section and topic for AUD, BEC, REG, and FAR.

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Performance Analytics

Our premium subscription includes advanced performance analytics that can help to focus your study efforts. These metrics are designed to help you quickly identify the areas where you need improvement in addition to providing helpful statistics like average score, average time per question, etc.

Session Review

Premium members also enjoy access to study session reviews. This means at any point you can view the score and performance data for any session you’ve ever completed. Not only can you view the overall performance but you can also access that session in detail to review each question as needed. This helps students focus on the materials they may be struggling with and become better prepared for the exam.

Cancel Anytime

Our premium subscription is billed monthly and can be canceled at anytime. This means you pay $11 per month until you pass the exam or simply decide to not use the premium features anymore. Once you cancel your subscription you will still have access to over 2400 questions in the study platform in addition to our ever-expanding community resources.